NCUR Proceedings

Conference Proceedings

One benefit of presenting at NCUR® is the opportunity for students to publish their work in the conference Proceedings, produced annually by the University of North Carolina at Asheville and distributed to institutions across the nation. All student presenters at the conference (including students in the performing/visual arts) are invited to submit manuscripts for review by the Proceedings Board.

Submitting work to the Proceedings has many advantages, two of which are deemed especially important:

  1. The opportunity to receive comments from faculty outside your college or university, thereby enhancing the paper for submission to other sources in your field

  2. The opportunity to list your publication on your resume for graduate and professional school applications

Students may submit their papers at the conference until noon, Saturday, April 18. The fee is $60 per paper. The Proceedings desk is located in Cartwright Center, Valhalla-Gunning Addition. Primary authors will receive a copy of the Proceedings without additional charge. Please direct questions to Associate Editor Mila Lemaster at the Proceedings Office, 828.251.6122, or

For complete instructions on how to submit your paper, including a checklist and submission form, please consult this Web site:

Formatting instructions for your paper may be found at: