Session Information

Oral Presentations

Oral presentations are 15 minutes in length with five additional minutes allotted to each presenter for questions. This schedule is strictly enforced.

  1. Oral presentations are held in technology classrooms, which contain a Windows PC that projects onto a large screen. Each PC is configured with Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2007 including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  2. Presenters must use the PC provided.

  3. Presenters must bring any digital presentation materials on a USB flash drive and/or CD/DVD. It is strongly recommended that presenters bring a backup of their digital presentation materials on a USB flash drive, CD/DVD, or overhead transparencies, in case their primary digital memory device does not work.

  4. All classrooms are equipped with an overhead projector.

  5. The recommended format for presentations is Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 (.ppt), although files saved in older versions of PowerPoint should be compatible.

  6. All classrooms have internet connectivity.

  7. Each classroom has a DVD/VHS player that projects onto a large screen.

  8. Each classroom has speakers that connect to the PC and DVD/VHS player.

  9. If there are any technical difficulties during the presentation, please inform the moderator who will contact the technical support team.

  10. Computer labs are available for presenters to review their presentations prior to their session. See page 9 in the Program Book for lab locations.

  11. Presenters should arrive at their classroom 30 minutes prior to the start of their session to transfer their presentation to the desktop of the PC and to ensure that it opens properly.

Professional Courtesy

NCUR offers an opportunity for participants to observe, learn and practice professional etiquette common to all disciplines. Presenters should remain in the room until all presentations in their sessions are complete. The other presentations may offer new insights, and all presenters deserve the same audience and respect. Spectators to sessions should enter and exit oral and performing arts session rooms between (not during) presentations.