We are seeking faculty, staff and student volunteers for the NCUR conference in April. We will be hosting 2600+ students from campuses around the country. Help out by volunteering! Thank you.

  First Name:
  Last Name:
  E-mail Address:
  Cell Phone:
 Student  Faculty/Staff


Wednesday - April 15, 2009
     Morning  Afternoon  Evening  Anytime
Thursday - April 16, 2009
     Morning  Afternoon  Evening  Anytime
Friday - April 17, 2009
     Morning  Afternoon  Evening  Anytime
Saturday - April 18, 2009
     Morning  Afternoon  Evening  Anytime


Transportation (hotel & conference) Signage  
Food Registration  
Pre-conference packets Information center  
Logistics (set up, break down) Poster sessions  
Viva La Crosse (Friday night event at        Oktoberfest grounds) Runners  
  Note: We will do what we can to assign you in the areas you listed, but your preference is not guaranteed.
  Would you be interested in being a Volunteer Coordinator for one of the areas listed above? Yes No


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