Meet the Eagle Guides



Name: Maddie

Major/Minor: Psychology/ Criminal Justice

Campus & Community Involvement: St. Baldrick's fundraising event, Eagle Helpdesk Consultant, Coate Hall Council

Advice for New Students: Be open to this experience; it's extremely helpful and you meet great people and friends.  Keep your chin up; adjusting to freshman year away from home, family, and friends isn't easy, but it gets much better!  Get involved; intramurals, clubs, activities, hall leadership positions, jobs, volunteering; there is something for everyone.

Favorite Spot on Campus: As dorky as it sounds, I love the library.  It's a great environment for working on homework, projects or even just chilling at Murphy's Mug with friends.  The REC is also an amazing place.  I love the climbing wall and exercise classes.

Favorite Food: Fettuccine Alfredo and Jambalaya

I Wish I Would Have Known.... Before Coming to UW-L: I wish I would've known the adjustment is difficult, but you have to proactive and put yourself a little bit out there to make it better.  Introduce yourself to people and knock on open doors in your hall/cube and say hi.  Remember to keep your own door open (when you are home)!