Move-in Information

2012-2013 Freshman Move-in Day Information

Quick Packing and Move-in Tips

  • Organize in advance; no loft? How about under-bed storage containers? Try planning before packing.

  • Use boxes; it is much easier to carry a few boxes rather than carry individual things.

  • Label your boxes; to ensure your belongings get to your room. Labels are a necessity.

  • Only bring the essentials; remember rooms are small and you have to share the space.

  • Communicate with you roommates prior to arrival to avoid bringing duplicates.

  • Have your car doors unlocked and the trunk open when you park to unload; this will make things easier for the people helping you unload and carry your belongings to your room.

  • One person will need to stay with the car at all times while unloading.

Check out this great online checklist while preparing for move-in day!