Course Information

The nuclear medicine technology (NMT) program can be completed with three years of classes at UW-L and a one-year internship at an affiliated hospital.  A sample schedule for the three years at La Crosse is given below.  Please keep in mind that there is a great deal of flexibility in how these courses could be completed.

Nuke Chem labSince it is a rather full schedule, some students prefer to take an extra semester or two to complete all of the work.  Often this is because the student changed their major to NMT after completing some work under another major.  Sometimes it is because the student wishes to obtain a minor degree in another area of interest.  The most common minors are Chemistry (instead of CHM 250, students should take CHM 300 and CHM 325) and Business Administration.

A few students arrive at UW-L with college credits and/or take a few courses during the summer and/or J-term.  These students may be able to finish in less than four years.  Students transferring from UW or WTCS campuses can use the UW transfer information system to see how their classes will transfer to UW-L.

The sample schedule below should be viewed as a rough guide, rather than a strict road map.  Since classes sometimes fill quickly, students should approach registration for each coming semester with several alternative schedules in mind. Students should also remember that some of the classes listed below are only offered during a specific semester (they are highlighted in maroon), and most have prerequisites.  Note also that SOC 420 and SOC 422 are offered at irregular intervals.  Some classes listed below have alternatives that may also fulfill the degree requirements.  Students are strongly encouraged to check with their adviser to make sure they are taking appropriate courses.  A sample schedule is available.

Sample NMT Schedule
First Year
Semester One (13 credits) Credits
BIO 105General Biology 4
MTH 150College Algebra 4
SAH 105Analysis of Health, Wellness, and Disease for the Healthcare Consumer 3
Arts 2
Semester Two (14 credits)  
CHM 103 General Chemistry I 5
HIS 101Global Origins of the Modern World 3
ENG 110College Writing I 3
SOC 110The Social World 3
Second Year
Semester One (15 credits)
CHM 104General Chemistry II 5
BIO 312Human Anatomy and Physiology I 4
NMT 201 Introduction to Nuclear Medical Technology 1
CST 110Public Oral Communication 3
Arts 2
Semester Two (17 credits)  
CHM 301 Analytical Chemistry 5
BIO 313Human Anatomy and Physiology II 4
PHY 125 Physics for the Life Sciences 4
MTH 145Elementary Statistics 4
Third Year
Semester One (16 credits)  
HP 310Pathophysiology 3
PHY 376 Introduction to Nuclear Science 3
NMT 314Cross-Sectional Anatomy 2
NMT 395 Immunology for the Nuclear Medical Technologist 1
HP 250 or CHE 460Medical Terminology 1
Global/Multicultural Studies 3
Minority Cultures 3
Semester Two (16 credits)  
CHM 461 Nuclear Chemistry 4
CHM 250Introduction to Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry 3
BIO 433 Radiation Biology 3
NMT 398  2
NMT 399  1
Literature 3