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The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse (UW-L) offers a bachelor of science in Nuclear Medical Technology (NMT).  The student can accomplish this in three years of course work at UW-L and a one-year internship at an affiliated hospital.  The first two years at UW-L are typically occupied with fulfilling general education requirements, as well taking introductory science and math classes.  During the final year at La Crosse, the student will begin to take advanced courses, many of which are specifically designed for future health care providers.  A sample course schedule is available.

Color medical diagnositic imageStudents typically apply for admission to the NMT program in the middle of their sophomore year.  Once accepted, NMT students can apply for their internship at any, or all, of the six affiliated hospitals.  This is typically done during the Fall semester that precedes the internship year.  Students are strongly encouraged to apply to all internship sites they are interested in.  The hospitals will then contact the students for interviews, which are often held during winter break.  Assignment to an internship site is not guaranteed, but will take into account both the students' and the hospitals' preferences.  Assignments are made in mid-March.

UW-L is academically affiliated with hospital-based Nuclear Medicine Technology programs which are accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Educational Programs in Nuclear Medicine Technology (JRC-NMT).  Upon successful completion of the student's internship at one of the programs, graduates are eligible to take certification examinations.  UW-L graduates have done very well on these exams and have an excellent record of employment after graduation and certification.

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