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Students intending to transfer to the UW-Madison School of Nursing (SON) need to meet the prerequisites for Madison's nursing program and degree requirements (including General Education) for the UW Madison BS in Nursing. Admission to the Madison's nursing program is competitive and academically rigorous.

Please note: The UW-Madison partnership with Gundersen-Lutheran Medical Center (Western Campus in La Crosse) has been discontinued effective April 2012, including placement for the Fall 2012 nursing cohort. Students accepted to the SON will attend classes in Madison.

A student would need to take a minimum of 54 credits of graded (not pass/fail) coursework prior to admission to the nursing program. These credits can be taken at UW-La Crosse and will include specific prerequisites and general education requirements for UW-Madison.

Dates to be aware of:

  • September/October of the year prior to the year you wish to begin the nursing program: apply for transfer admission to UW-Madison Admissions Office. You may use the online application at http://apply.wisconsin.edu.
  • Along with the transfer application, you will need to submit official transcripts from high school and all colleges attended.
    • 2 years of one foreign language in high school, or 2 semesters of one foreign language in college are required for admission to UW Madison
  • In addition to the UW-Madison transfer application, you will also need to apply directly to the School of Nursing www.son.wisc.edu. You will need your UW-Madison Net ID to access the application. This application becomes available in December.
  • Along with the School of Nursing application, you will need to submit official transcripts from all colleges attended.
  • Deadline is February 1 of each year.

You will be notified in May of the decision.

Below is a sample schedule plan for the two years at UW-L. You should consult the Transfer Information System (http://www.uwsa.edu/tis/) to explore transferability of UW-L classes. In addition, keep in close contact with Cheryl Brye, 608-785-8156, cbrye@uwlax.edu and with the advisor at UW-Madison School of Nursing, Kim Tobin, kctobin@wisc.edu.

Fall - MTH150(4), BIO105(4), EFN205(3), ENG110(3), Elective (1) - Total 15 credits
Spring - CHM103(5), SS or HUM(3), PSY100(3), SOC110(3), Elective(3) - Total 16 credits
MIC230(4), BIO312(4), *PSY212(3), Humanities(2), *INT/ADV(3) - Total 16 credits
BIO313(4), *MTH145(4) (meets QRB), *SS OR HUM(3), *INT/ADV(3), Humanities(3) - 17 credits
*Intermediate/Advanced level – 18 credits min to pair with SON credits to meet graduation requirement of 75 credits