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MOUs, Contracts & Addendums

The following information, procedures and forms should be referenced when developing a Memorandum of Understanding, Contracts, or an Addendum.

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
An MOU is the initial agreement that establishes a relationship between UW-L and a potential partner university.  This document does not detail specific curriculum or budget information.  Rather, it opens a dialogue for future negotiations.  This document may be created in conjunction with developing a Contract or Addendum.  The process is relatively simple to complete and the approval process can be done in a short period of time (1-2 months).

MOU Timeline

A Contract is the formal document for the partnership between UW-L and international university.  The approval process can be done in approximately 2-4 months.

An Addendum is a document that establishes the specific programming relationship between UW-L and an established partner university.  This document details specific curriculum and budget information.  This document may be created in conjunction with developing an MOU and Contract.  There may be multiple Addendums for a single contract, depending on the partnerships/programs developed with current partners.

The process does take time to develop the academic requirements, approval, and sequencing of courses.  It is also necessary to develop a budget that may offer a discount to the international students.  All documents, including curriculum and budget forms, must have approval prior to submitting for signatures.  The development and approval process may take several months (6-9 months) for completion.

Contract/Addendum Timeline


Q: I have a connection within an international university. Can we partner with them?
A: Establishing a relationship with an international university may be possible, but for detailed steps of the process, please visit our website, International Contacts.
Q: When developing a contract or addendum who needs to review it? (as opposed to "once developed" who needs to sign it?)
A: A Final Approval Route Slip must be attached to the final document.  Required review/signatures for MOU/Contracts/Addendums include: Sponsoring Department, College Dean, Assistant to the Dean, Admissions Office, Graduate Program Director (if applicable), Budget & Finance, Compliance Office, Office of International Education and, finally, the Provost.
Q: What is a reasonable timeline between initial contact and the signed agreement?
A: Contract development and approval may take time, depending on the curriculum sequencing, and review and transfer of the international credits.  Once the finalized draft if prepared, it is sent to the host institution for review and approval prior to obtaining signatures.  Depending on the institution's organizational structure, academic calendar, country holidays, etc., may extend the timeline.  Most agreements are finalized within 6-9 months (see the Addendum/Contract Timeline).
Q: When should the financials be discussed (generally?) vs (the specifics for the contract)?

Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)
Sample 2+2 Format
Standard Budget Worksheet (Undergraduate): Contact the Office of International Education for the form.
Standard Budget Worksheet (Graduate)
Final Approval Routing Slip

The following Excel files are lists of current MOUs and Contracts/Addendums on file in the Office of International Education.  The lists show when the agreement was last approved.  Electronic copies of signed agreements will be available in the near future.

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