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Tel Aviv Lowy School for Overseas Students

"Where your classroom is a country" is the motto of The Lowy School for Overseas Students and speaks to the extraordinary opportunity this program affords. It is a chance to study just a few blocks from the Mediterranean in a city with an ancient history and a future critical to the peace and prosperity of the Middle East and the world. Tel Aviv University's location in the center of the country makes all of Israel accessible to intellectually and culturally curious students.

Tel Aviv University is a dynamic center of learning whose curriculum and campus are accurate reflections of Israel, her region and her people. The scope of its academic offerings is the broadest of any of Israel's universities. Its libraries include the Wiener Library, the world's most comprehensive center of literature and information on anti-Semitism, the Holocaust and fascism. The Lowy School for Overseas Students offers a variety of programs in English, which enable you to learn about and experience Israel from its biblical roots to its contemporary politics.

Tel Aviv is Israel's cultural, financial and industrial heartland. It has an energy and vitality that typify the dynamism of today's Israel. With Tel Aviv University's location in the heart of Israel, touring possibilities are endless, from skiing on Mount Hermon in the north to rock rappelling in the Judean Desert to scuba diving in the Red Sea. Semester classes are scheduled for a four-day week, allowing ample time to explore the country with friends. University-sponsored touring is an integral part of The Lowy School program, and trips are developed to offer students a unique look at Israel. Wide-ranging tours are planned each semester, conducted on weekends, and mandatory for all participants. Trips include guided tours of Jerusalem; the North, including Galilee and the Golan Heights; the South, including Beersheva and the Negev.

"The Lowy School for Overseas Students is an integral component of Tel Aviv University's ongoing goal to serve Israel, the Jewish people, and the international community. Through its high-caliber academic programs and field study, the school allows students from all over the world to explore topics that hold a different quality of meaning that simply cannot be discovered anywhere else." Itamar Rabinovich, President

Members of Tel Aviv University's outstanding faculty teach all courses in The Lowy School for Overseas Students in English. Courses are available in the following areas:

  • Jewish Studies
  • Israel Studies
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Arts
  • Business and Management
  • Life Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Philosophy
  • Legal Studies
  • Hebrew Language Studies

Courses are available on-line at:

Students in the one-semester programs are required to attend the Intensive Hebrew Language Program (Ulpan) prior to the start of their semester studies. Hebrew language instruction may be continued during the semester as part of your course load.

Honors Program
Several special honors seminars in the fields of Middle Eastern and Israel Studies are included in the Overseas Student Program curriculum. Students must have a 3.25 minimum GPA and be interviewed by the seminar instructor. Participation in each seminar is determined in Israel prior to the start of the semester. Honors Program Tracks may include Comparative Religion, International Relations, Biblical Archaeology, or International Business.

The course equivalencies spreadsheets have been compiled from past approved Academic Plan forms.  They show when the course was last approved and how it transferred back to La Crosse.  You may notice that some classes satisfied several UWL options.

This list is not comprehensive nor does it take the place of  meeting with your advisor for final approval!  They are meant to be a guide of what courses may be appropriate for your studies abroad.

During your stay at the main campus of Tel Aviv University you will be housed in the Student Dormitories adjacent to the Main Campus. The dormitories are divided into suites of two or four bedrooms with two students assigned to each bedroom. The suites are small apartments equipped with a basic kitchen, bedrooms, lounge areas and bathrooms. The dormitories are not air-conditioned. Students receive room assignments in Israel upon arrival at Tel Aviv University. Students will be responsible for their own meals, not included in the cost of the program. Most students eat out at least once a day either on-campus or in neighborhood restaurants. Attempts are made to honor special housing requests for students observing specific dietary regulations (kosher and vegetarian), smoking and non-smoking suites, and particular roommates.

Before you travel abroad, you will need to obtain a passport, which will serve as proof of your U.S. citizenship. A passport may allow you to gain entry to (and exit from) other countries. Depending on the country to which you're traveling, a visa may be required as well. Entry requirements vary from one country to another. The U.S. State Department issues travel warnings specific to certain countries, and offers tips and publications relevant to travel abroad generally. Well in advance of your departure, you should also familiarize yourself with international travel health issues, and health recommendations specific to your destination.

Tel Aviv University's Academic Calendar:
Fall: late-July to early-January
Spring: late-January to late-May
For more precise dates refer to the Program Dates.

3.0 minimum GPA (3.25 GPA for Honors Program)
Junior standing

The program fee includes the following:

  • Tuition (15 credits) and Administrative Fees
  • Ulpan Tuition (6 credits)
  • Touring Fee
  • Housing in Residence Halls
  • Orientation to Study Abroad Class
  • Health Insurance
  • International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
  • Study Abroad Graduation Sash

Airfare is not included in the program price.
The program fee does not include a meal plan or meal stipend of any kind.
Financial aid awards are applicable to program fees.
Refer to Program Fees for the most current program fee.

Scholarships and Financial Aid are available from The Lowy School for Overseas Students based both on merit and demonstrated need.

Tel Aviv University:
Student Services:
Tips and Advice from Program Alumni


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