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  • ISO - International Student Organization

    The International Student Organization (ISO) is dedicated to help international students at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with their academic, social, and cultural development.

    The organization provides opportunities for students to expand their insight on different cultures of the world by participating in educating and strengthening UW-L campus students and La Crosse community members.

    Visit the ISO website for more information.

    ISO Website
  • L.I.F.E - La Crosse International Friendship Exchange

    Visit the L.I.F.E. website for more information.

  • L.F.I.S - La Crosse Friends of International Students

    La Crosse Friends of International Students (LFIS) is seeking new hosts — families and individuals — from the area to befriend one or more students from a foreign country while they attend one of La Crosse's educational institutions — UW-L, Viterbo University or Western Technical College.

    The students live on campus; not in host homes. The sole responsibility of the LFIS families is to relate to their student(s) in order to help them and provide a window to American culture and values. Families occasionally invite the students into their homes for dinner; they might give a tour of La Crosse; provide a ride to show; or take the students to a concert, county fair or any typical American event. Activities with students are entirely up to the families. The frequency of meetings is dependent on both parties' schedules, but for most it is about once per month.

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