Vocabulary for Parents & Family


UW-L is divided into several colleges, which are subdivided into schools.
CBA - College of Business Administration
CLS- College of Liberal Studies
SAC - School of Arts & Communication
SAH - College of Science & Health
SOE - School of Education

Permission Numbers: These are special numbers that can only be received from professors and academic advisers. This number is given to students when they must register for a class that is closed online, if it’s full, or if there is a special circumstance. These numbers are limited and are unavailable in some classes.

Syllabus: A calendar of events given to students in each of their classes, the syllabus outlines what the particular class is covering, when homework is due, and when the exams and finals are scheduled. It also includes the contact information for the instructors.

Office Hours: Hours in which professors or TAs are in their office when students can stop by and talk about a class or problem they would like to discuss.

Student Life

Greeks: Students of the University who belong to a fraternity or sorority. These students are often recognizable because they wear shirts with their Greek letters across the front. Fraternities and sororities are official student groups and have a Greek adviser through the University.

Convocation: A celebration in honor of the start of student’s college career. A special ceremony is held, followed by a celebration of pride and spirit. This celebration helps new students feel at ease and meet new friends at the University.

NSO: New Student Orientation encompasses all of the services and programs provided to incoming students, particularly during the month of September.

The Racquet: This is the official student newspaper of UW-L, published continuously since 1910. The paper keeps students updated on campus and community events. It is available in print and online.

SA: Student Association is a student run organization that promotes, protects, and defends UW-L student interests, and improves the University through a united effort. It houses Student Senate, which is the legislative governing body for UW-L students.

RHAC: The Residence Hall Association Council is a student governance organization specifically for students living in the University's residence halls.

Campus Cash: An electronic form of money that is stored on a student’s TowerCard which can be used at many of the restaurants and convenience stores on campus, as well as laundry, vending machines, and the Bookstore.

Student Housing

Dorm: We don't call them dorms. We call them residence halls, and they are where students live on campus.

RA: A Resident Assistant is an undergraduate student who lives in each divided community of the residence hall, serving as a resource and aid to approximately 40-50 students. They are trained to help students with personal, social, academic, and other needs within the community. RAs are generally available during the day and are trained to handle emergency situations and enforce University/Residence Life policies.

HD: Each of UW-L's residence halls is managed by a Masters-level professional with a degree in Student Affairs, Counseling, or a related degree. These staff members supervise the RAs and are available to assist students as well as handle any student conduct issues.

AHD: The larger residence halls also have Assistant Hall Directors, current graduate students in UW-L Student Affairs Administration program. They are also available to handle student concerns.

ORL: The Office of Residence Life is located in Eagle Hall on the ground floor.  Students may need to visit here for questions or concerns regarding their housing contracts.

Campus Buildings

Graff Main Hall (GMH) is home to the Chancellor's Office, the Cashier's Office (where your student can pay his/her tuition bill), Financial Aid, and Records and Registration.

Cartwright Center is UW-L's main student center, providing dining options, organization space, conference rooms, and entertainment venues.

Whitney Center serves as the primary dining location for students on the campus meal plan. The main dining room provides several stations for students to choose their meals.

The Health and Science Center (HSC) is home to the Student Health Center, where students can receive many services for free or at a low cost.

The Recreational Eagle Center (REC) is a workout facility for UW-L students. The building houses Intramural Sports as well as the Outdoor Connection, and the staff provide a variety of exercise courses.