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The PA program requires that applicants either have completed the following when they apply, or have a plan to complete the following courses and other prerequisites prior to beginning PA program classes.  Though many of the prerequisites are science courses, there is a not a required undergraduate major.  Many applicants have biology, microbiology, chemistry or health professions majors, however, the program has enrolled students that have graduated with a wide variety of other majors including, psychology, English, history and music.  Comparable courses from other regionally accredited institutions are also acceptable.

The following are required of all applicants:


All students must earn a Bachelor's degree prior to entering the PA Program.  Students may complete their BA or BS while applying, but they must complete their degree before matriculating in our program.

Prerequisite Coursework:

            Human Anatomy
            Human Physiology
            Health Related Upper Division Biology
                Two of the above courses must contain lab
            General Chemistry
            Organic Chemistry
                Two of the above courses must contain lab

All prerequisite courses must be completed prior to beginning the program.  Students may apply with outstanding prereq courses so long as they demonstrate a plan to complete those courses before matriculating in our program.

For further information on prerequisite course requirements please visit Prerequisite Coursework

A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00, calculated on a 4-point scale by CASPA, is required of all applicants.  A minimum science (as defined by CASPA) GPA of 3.00 is also required.  Those applicants not meeting the stated 3.00 GPA requirement will be ineligible for admission and removed from consideration.

For further information regarding the GPA requirement please visit - GPA Requirement

Submission of Graduate Review Exam (GRE) scores directly from ETS is required.  No minimum score is required.  An MCAT score, or other exam results, will not be accepted as a substitute for GRE results.  No exceptions will be made to the GRE requirement, regardless of professional and/or academic background.

For further information regarding the GPA requirement please visit - GRE Requirement

Healthcare Experience:

Prior direct patient healthcare experience is expected, however, not required.  Such experience provides evidence of a career commitment to healthcare as a PA.  In the program's competitive admission process, the length and depth of healthcare experience is a selection factor.  We do not have a minimum number of hours.

For further information on the Healthcare Experience requirement please visit Healthcare Experience