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Week of 04/14/2014

Connecticut                    Florida                    Illinois                    Iowa                    Michigan                    New Hampshire
North Carolina                    Virginia

Week of 04/07/2014

California                    California                    California                    Connecticut                    Connecticut                    Illinois
New Hampshire                    North Carolina                    North Carolina                    North Carolina                    North Carolina                    North Carolina                    Washington                    Lyle

Week of 03/31/2014

Connecticut                    Florida                    Florida                    Florida                    Illinois
Louisiana                    New Hampshire                    New York                    North Carolina                    Pennsylvania

Week of 03/24/2014

Connecticut                    Connecticut                    Florida                    Illinois                    Louisiana
Michigan                    Michigan                    New Hampshire
New Jersey                    New York                    New York                Pennsylvania                    Texas

Week of 03/17/2014

Illinois                    Illinois                    Louisiana                    Michigan                    New Hampshire
North Carolina                    North Carolina                    Pennsylvania                    Pennsylvania
Vermont                    Vermont                    Virginia                    Virginia

Week of 03/10/2014

Georgia                    Georgia                    Illinois                    Iowa                    Minnesota                    New Hampshire
New Jersey                    North Carolina                    Oklahoma                    Pennsylvania                    Vermont                    Washington
National Medical Services

Week of 03/03/2014

California                    Georgia                    Illinois                    Illinois                    Maryland                    Maryland
Montana                    New Jersey                    New Jersey                    North Carolina                    Virginia                    Virginia

Week of 02/24/2014

Maryland                    New Hampshire                    New Jersey                    New Jersey                    North Carolina
Oklahoma                    Pennsylvania                    Virginia                    Virginia                    Washington

Week of 02/17/2014

California                    Connecticut                    Connecticut                    Florida                    Georgia
Maryland                    Michigan                    New Hampshire                    New York                    New York
Pennsylvania                    Virginia                    Wisconsin                    PA Solutions