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Physician Assistants are qualified to take medical histories, examine patients, order and administer test, make diagnoses, treat illnesses, and assist in surgery.The UW-L – Gundersen – Mayo PA Program offers a graduate level Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant Studies.  The program's first graduate students matriculated in June of 2004.  The MS PAS curriculum is 24 months in length including a 12-month Preclinical Year and a 12-month Clinical Year that includes 44 weeks of clinical rotations.

The curriculum begins with summer session, meaning students always matriculate in late May.  Traditionally, students begin the day after Memorial Day.  The program accepts and enrolls only one class each year.  We do not accept students for fall or spring enrollment.

The program does not offer a part-time curricular option nor online courses.  Our curriculum is tightly sequenced and is only available on a full-time basis.  Rarely, a student admitted on full-time basis will develop extenuating circumstances that do not allow them to succeed as a full-time student.  Such students may request extension of the didactic curriculum from one to two years, which will be considered by program administration.  This option is, however, not available as an initial enrollment option for new students.  The clinical phase curriculum is only available on a full-time basis.  Thus, all students should plan on completing the program on a full-time basis.

Due to the tight sequencing and integration of the curriculum we do not accept didactic or clinical credits from other institutions.  All students, regardless of their prior background and education, must complete the entire curriculum .

We do not routinely accept transfer students from medical schools.  If a medical student would like to attend our program they need to apply just like all of other students, through CASPA, as well as submit our supplemental application and GRE results.  We do not accept MCAT scores as a substitute for GRE results.  These individuals need to provide a rationale and justification for their admission.   The program does not grant advanced placement to any student, regardless of their background.  If accepted, these students are required to complete the entire curriculum, regardless of background and experience.