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Ally Trainings
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Ally Trainings are workshops presented by the peer educators employed by the Pride Center.  There are several Ally Trainings each semester on the UWL campus.  Ally Trainings are also available for other organizations.

What you should know about Ally Trainings:

  • Who can request them?

Any campus or community organization, including residence halls, student organizations, or other presentations/workshops can request an Ally Training.

  • What is the format?

Ally Trainings are workshops that last at least one hour.  One to one and a half hours would be an ideal amount of time to have available.  These workshops include the presentation of information about LGBTQ issues as well as activities.  There is also a time for general questions that any audience member may have.

  • How can you request an Ally Training?

Please email this form to Willem Van Roosenbeek at

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