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Panels and Presentations

The Pride Center offers panels and presentations for classes, organizations, community events, or any group that is interested.  the focus of these events is to educate the audience about general LGBTQ information and issues. 

The format: To begin a panel, LGBTQ+ identified students and/or staff give a brief personal introduction and tell a little bit of their own stories.  The panel then presents a basic introduction to LGBTQ terminology and safe space guidelines.  After this, they open the floor for questions from the audience.  The panel members are there to educate the community, but they do reserve the right to turn down any questions that they do not feel comfortable answering.  This whole presentation lasts at least one hour, but it often expands to fit the time available. 

Interested in being on a panel?  The sign up sheets are available in the Pride Center. Check the Facebook group for times and updates.

Interested in hosting a panel? Please fill out the request form below and return it to Will Vanroosenbeek at



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