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"What does UW-L have to offer me as a LGBTIQQAA person?"

We are happy that you are considering UW-L as an option for your higher education experience!
We are also very proud to announce that we are listed in The Advocate College Guide For LGBT Students, this ranks us in the top 100 schools in the NATION for LGBT students to attend.

What You'll Find When You Arrive!

Transform is a UW-L student organization dedicated to transgender rights on campus. We meet every other Thursday at 7:00 in the Pride Center. All are welcome to attend meetings. For questions, email Sawyer Johnson, the current president, at

  • Rainbow Unity (RU)

    RU is a student organization that provides lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer, questioning, asexual individuals, and their allies (LGBTIQQAA) with a safe environment, emotional and social support, and opportunities to develop leadership and communication skills.  RU collaborates with the Pride Center, Eagle Equity Committee, and the Diversity Organization Coalition to provide the campus and community with educational opportunities regarding LGBTIQQA issues. 

  • Friendly UW-L Faculty, Staff and Administration

    The Pride Center is committed to creating the best environment possible for LGBTIQQAA students; identifying friendly faculty/staff/administration is just one thing we do to let you know you're supported on this campus.  Individuals are only added to our list after expressing interest in being listed there.  Check them out; and make sure to join us all at the Fall Welcome Back Social!  This is a great way to put faces with the names you see! 

  • Resources

    The Pride Center offers a variety of resources, attempting to provide you with anything you would want to know about LGBTIQQA issues.  We operate our own small library of fiction and non-fiction books, movies that can be checked out, and subscribe to many LGBTIQQAA themed magazines and newspapers. 

  • Gender Neutral Restrooms

    On April 30th, 2003 UW-L's Student Association Student Senate, passed a resolution to ensure the campus had gender neutral restrooms available for students.   It mandated that all new buildings will have at least one gender neutral bathroom. It also mandates the use of signs posted on all restroom doors indicating where the nearest gender neutral restroom is located.  Some of the existing buildings have been remodeled to include gender neutral restrooms; for instance, there are two located in Cartwright Center (the student center).

  • Safe Space

    In addition to our Friendly Faculty list, we also have a safe space program, where faculty, staff and administration post their safe space signs in or around their offices.  These visual signs are a constant reminder that there are supportive people on campus to reach out to.

    Located in the Pride Center we have an area designated as a safe space.  Students use this space to study, watch movies, hang out, and eat lunch.  This is also a space to come, hang out and chat with the Pride Center Staff.  Plus, if you don't want to watch the Queer themed movie with your roommates you can hang out and watch it here!

  • Eagle Equity Committee

    Eagle Equity is the Faculty, Staff and Administration LGBTIQQAA group on campus. 

  • LGBTIQQA Alumni Group

  • LGBTIQQA Scholarship Fund

With the generous help of Alumni and Friends, the Pride Center has been able to set up a Scholarship Fund that is available to UW-L Students, or prospective students on an as needed basis.  This means that if you are a student or prospective student and you find yourself in extenuating circumstances that could be assisted through monetary support the Pride Center will take your request.  The scholarship fund is solely based on donations so not all requests can be accepted.  If you would like to donate to the UW-L LGBTIQQAA Scholarship Fund, please contact Will Van Roosenbeek.  We appreciate your support!

  • LGBTQ Focused Classes

Including: Sociology of Gender; Introduction to LGBT Studies; Gender, Sexuality, and Social Change in Religion; and Lesbian Studies

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