Printmaking at UW-La Crosse

The printmaking program at UWL strives to emulate the design of Peterdi's Yale program and the University of Iowa program built by Lasansky. The UWL program is distinctive in that it remains connected to the liberal arts and still prepares students to immediately enter graduate programs following graduation.

The goal of the UWL Gallery Printmaking Program/Area, a part of the art department at UWL, is to offer students an opportunity to study the traditional and contemporary media of printmaking, with an emphasis on intaglio and lithography. The University's Printmaking facility in room 334 Center For the Arts is the major location where the learning will take place. Each printmaking student will apply intaglio and/or litho to her/his creative research by addressing technical and aesthetic issues in the discipline. All sections will consist of studio/historical exploration; concurrently students will apply the technical, theoretical knowledge gained to his/her own content. The UWL Printmaking Program/Area seeks to enrich the academic life of the La Crosse community.

Printmaking Sequence

  • Intaglio - 218, 418, 419, 413, 425
  • Ithography - 218, 418, 419, 413, 425
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