Teaching Philosophy

All courses I instruct reflect what I have learned over the past seventeen years teaching and studying art. I follow the model of the European Atelier. As the master teacher in the shop/studio/classroom I am the major source of information. In this role it is important that I create a positive learning environment that enables students to explore, risk and learn from me and importantly, each other.

Specifically, each course follows a progression of learning from the general to the specific. I initiate each course with a connection to the foundation areas of our discipline (elements of art/principles of design) and connect and build the studio area being taught with the goal of helping each student achieve mastery of the specific studio techniques that facilitate the articulation of individual, unique visual content

Key to the articulation of content is the idea that the philosophical issues of society questioned and interpreted by artists are the basis for an artist's work. By exposing my students to a diversity of concept I encourage students to seek and work toward a keen understanding of themselves as individuals, capable of making their own personal statements as part of the philosophical continuum in the history of art.

Joel Elgin
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