Deans' Council

Meeting Schedule

Deans' Council meets from 8:30 to 11:00 a.m. every Tuesday of the month except for the third Tuesday of each month. All meetings take place in 133A Graff Main Hall.

The first Deans' Council meeting of the year is on the Tuesday following Labor Day and the last Deans' Council meeting of the year is on the Tuesday of finals week. Deans' Council will not meet during the summer unless a specific meeting is called via an Outlook invitation.

Meeting Cancellations

Deans' Council members will be notified via Outlook meeting invitations when meetings are cancelled.

Communications Regarding Deans' Council

The faculty assistant to the provost sends meeting information (i.e., agendas, documents, meeting summaries) via Outlook meeting requests. If you would like an item added to the agenda, please contact the faculty assistant.

Meeting Summaries and Relevant Documents

Deans' Council members and their administrative assistants can access Deans' Council meeting summaries and relevant documents at O:\Provost\Restricted Files\Provost Office\Deans' and Provost's Councils. If you need help accessing the O:\ drive, please contact Aaron Nielsen at 785-8042. Because document used or discussed during Provost’s Council may contain personnel data, the section of the O:\ drive that these documents are found on is restricted to those on Deans’ Council, Provost’s Council, and their administrative assistants.

Provost's Retreat

Provost’s Retreat is held each year on the first Tuesday in August.