Assessment of Student Learning at UW-L

Assessment of student learning takes place at four levels at the university. 1) Institution-wide assessment, 2) assessment of student learning outcomes in general education, 3) assessment of student learning outcomes in each undergraduate and graduate academic program, and 4) assessment of student learning in individual courses.

2007-08 Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA). The CLA measures growth or value added in complex thinking skills. For information about the test and the results see the following:

UW-L Assessment Plan Assessment plan approved by the Faculty Senate in 1995.

National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Explanation of the NSSE and summary of UW-L results on the survey.

General Education Assessment Access to reports and summaries of past and present assessment in general education.

Critical Thinking Assessment Draft report of assessment of critical thinking skills carried out in 2003-04.

Summary of Assessment of Student Learning in Academic Programs (1998-2005) Overview of assessment of student learning in academic programs in each college.

UW System and UW-L Accountability Report UW-L Reports annually to the Board of Regents on four system-wide goals: 1) student access to higher education, 2) support services that facilitate academic success, 3) campus environment that fosters learning and personal growth, and 4) efficient and effective use of resources.

Extensive Collection of Online Resources for Assessment in Higher Education.

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