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August 2006
New Semester Welcome Edition

Welcome to the 2006-2007 academic year. The start of this year brings a period of change to UW-L. Our new residence hall is up and running, we are making preparations for design of a new academic building, and we are searching for a new chancellor. It is an exciting time that brings many challenges and opportunities.

As we begin this exciting new academic year, there are several events that you may find beneficial. The first is the Chancellor's All-University Address and Picnic. The university address will provide important updates and the picnic will allow all of us to reconnect with colleagues and friends. The Conference on Teaching and Learning also provides an opportunity to reconnect with colleagues and to be inspired by their work. Be sure to visit the newly revised website for the Center for Teaching and Learning for details. For details on these and many other events, please visit the First and Second Week Calendar.

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Useful Information For the New Academic Year

As you begin the new academic year, you may find the following helpful:

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NCA Update

We received the NCA Accreditation Site Visit Team’s Final Report on July 31. In accordance with Higher Learning Commission procedures, the report has been forwarded to a two person Readers’ Panel, which reviews the team’s conclusions and recommendations. The readers may make minor modifications to the team’s recommendations (for example, changing the due date of reports). If the readers agree with the team recommendations, they send the report on to the Institutional Actions Council (IAC), which considers the report. If the IAC agrees with all conclusions and recommendations, the report is then validated by the Board of Trustees. The Final Report has not yet been officially validated by the Higher Learning Commission.

The team reported that UW-L continues to meet all criteria and conditions for accreditation. The team recommended that UW-L maintain full accreditation status and that the next comprehensive site visit be scheduled during the 2015-2016 academic year. The team also recommended that UW-L be approved to grant the Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree via the consortial agreement with UW-M. This approval was required as the DPT is our first doctoral degree. Finally, the team recommended UW-L file monitoring reports (due January 1, 2009) in three areas: 1) diversity, 2) general education, and 3) assessment. If UW-L has not made significant progress in any of the three areas, the HLC may require a focused visit to review the area(s).

You can access the full report at The report is divided into two sections: the Assurance Section and the Advancement Section. The Assurance Section comprises the team’s evaluation, rationale for the accrediting relationship, judgments about an organization’s fulfillment of the Criteria for Accreditation, and the team’s recommendation regarding the status of the organization. The Advancement Section speaks directly to the organization and is focused on the organization’s future improvement. The report contains many interesting and potentially valuable observations and ideas. We encourage you to take a look!

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New Sponsored Research, Scholarly & Creative Activities Office Website

Carmen Boortz, Office of the Provost, has revamped and reorganized the grants website to make it more user friendly and easier to navigate. Please visit Feedback from the campus community is welcome (

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New Personnel in the Provost’s Office

The Provost’s Office welcomes Chandra Hawkins (; 785-8124) as an administrative assistant working with graduate studies and IRB. Chandra takes over the duties of Fran Temp who has retired.

The Provost's Office also welcomes Amery Bodelson, who has accepted the joint grant writer positions with UW-La Crosse and the La Crosse School District. In her previous position, Amery was as a graduate assistant in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs at UW-Eau Claire. She will be starting September 5, 2006.

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The Faculty Seminar on Teaching for Diversity (TFD)  

All interested instructors are invited to join a seminar devoted to the discussion of "teaching for diversity." Deb Hoskins (Women's, Gender, & Sexuality Studies) has facilitated this seminar for several semesters and the readings and topics change every semester.  For more information, visit TFD meets every other Tuesday in 111 Wimberly Hall from 4:00 to 5:30 and is sponsored by the College of Liberal Studies and the Office of Affirmative Action and Diversity.

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