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March 2008

In This Issue:

Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA) Update
In fall 2007, 112 UW-L freshmen took the Collegiate Learning Assessment, a test that measures critical thinking, analytical reasoning and writing. For details, see

Students performed at a level expected given their incoming abilities. See the CLA Report at h In spring 2008, a comparable sample of seniors took the test. Results comparing freshmen and senior performance will be available in summer 2008.  

Online Education Webpages for Students Launched
A UW-L online website resource page has recently been developed to disseminate information related to UW-L online courses and programs, frequently asked questions geared towards online education, as well as information related to student services (e.g., admissions, registration, financial aid) at UW-L. Please visit the website at The website, in its current state, is geared primarily towards students. However, faculty resources are also being developed and will be added in the near future. Comments and feedback may be directed to Brian Udermann (

Online Education Workshop
A UW-L online education workshop is going to be offered on Friday, April 4 from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. Please mark your calendars. Information regarding the location and workshop agenda will be distributed in the next week or two. Lunch will be provided.       

Website Transition Update
In September 2007, UW-L successfully launched a new look for the homepage and subsequent webpages. Good progress is being made in the transition to the new look. For instance, SAH and CLS have completed websites (; Interested individuals can view a variety of sites that have already converted to the new template by visiting the following web site at:

Documentation on the template is available at as is information about training. Comments on the navigation of the first tier pages can be directed to or to any of the members of the Web Oversight Committee. The committee members are Jim Jorstad, Cary Heyer, Corey Sjoquist, a soon to be named representative from Student Affairs, and a representative from the Provost's Office (Betsy Morgan/Bob Hoar).  

Centennial Campaign Wiki Launched
The Centennial Planning Committee has been charged with planning a celebration that befits UW-L’s world-class reputation and commemorates our 100th birthday. The committe is planning a series of events that celebrate the partnerships we have built with alumni and friends, faculty, staff, students, and our community. As part of the planning, the group has developed a wiki at Feel free to visit the site to view the group’s membership and activities. To more learn more about the advantages of utilizing wiki technology for planning, development, and group communication, contact Jim Jorstad, Director, Educational Technologies. 

Internet Course Fee Initiation
Starting this summer, UW-L will assess an “Internet course fee” charged to students in online courses. The fee was supported by the Online Advisory Group (Cerbin, Hoar, Jorstad, Campbell, & Udermann) and is in line with NCA recommendations and other UW System institutions regarding online education. The fee is $75 per credit and will be assessed when students pay their tuition. 

The fee will help support the development of additional online education opportunities at UW-L such as the support of the online teaching grants and the Director of Online Education position. An “online course” is commonly one where 75% or more of the content is delivered online, and conforms to the definition of online courses adopted by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee in January 2006.

On-line Courses: On-line courses are delivered over the Internet and are usually web-based. Courseware management systems (e.g., D2L, WebCT, Blackboard) are often used to organize content, activities, communication, and assessment. Direct on-line interaction with the faculty member, and between students are components of this delivery method. 

Registrar Search Launched

The search for a registrar has been initiated. An advertisement is being run in seven regional newspapers including the Chicago Tribune and Minneapolis Star Tribune. The full position description and application process is available at The committee is comprised of Angie Lee, Betsy Morgan, Karla Stanek, Lore Vang, & Jan Von Ruden. The deadline for submission of materials is April 11, 2008 and the committee expects to have candidates on campus soon after the deadline. 

This newsletter is provided in the spirit of on-going communication. It is for informational purposes only and does not represent official policy statements or administrative positions.