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October 2007

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Provost Priorities Report

In August, the Provost hosted a retreat with Senate Executive Committee members and individuals representing the units that report to the Provost (SAH, CLS, CBA, ITS, Murphy, International Education, General Education, etc). This year, the attendees worked on generating and prioritizing goals for the coming year in addition to discussing the process for generating a new mission statement for the university. At the conclusion of the meeting, four areas represented the highest priorities:

  1. Develop sustainable university-wide processes for decisions (e.g., enrollment management, resource allocation, staffing, physical facilities)
  2. Respond to NCA and prepare for DPI review.
  3. Establish transparency in budget process.
  4. Encourage university-side involvement in the capital campaign.

These priorities will be at the forefront of strategic planning throughout this year. 

Online Teaching Grant Program Reminder -- Due November 16

Online teaching grants support faculty and instructional academic staff in developing fully online courses. Grant applications are due November 16. Application and details are available at

UW-L Webpage Launch Update

UW-L has successfully launched the new homepage.  The web development team is happy to receive comments regarding the navigation of the new pages at .  Changes that affect prospective students are given top priority as are those that affect a large segment of the UW-L community.  In addition, over 40 people have a completed the training and are working with the new template that is a modified version of the homepage .  

The expectation is that all UW-L units and departments will convert to the new template by September 2008.  Although it is recommended that all levels of a units' pages reflect the template, at the very least, by September 2008, the homepage for each unit should reflect the new template and its navigational properties.

Documentation regarding the new template is available at  Most users will be working with SharePoint Designer a Microsoft software compatible with FrontPage that is available to UW-L faculty and staff through the ITS Support Center.   SharePoint Designer is only available for Windows. Macintosh users should contact the ITS Support Center for information on other web editing options. Contact the ITS Support Center at (608) 785-8774 or

Enrollment Management Committee Formed

An enrollment management committee has been formed to respond to the need for planning and managing enrollment. The committee will make recommendations regarding the resource outcomes associated with enrollment management to the Joint Planning and Budget committee, as well as manage communication across campus regarding the short and long term goals of enrollment management. The committee will include student representation and the following individuals: 

  • VJ Agarwal, Graduate Studies
  • Chris Bakkum, Records and Registration & Enrollment Management
  • Ruthann Benson, Liberal Studies
  • Louise Janke, Financial Aid
  • Kathy Kiefer, Admissions
  • Paula Knudson, Student Development and Academic Services
  • Jay Lokken, International Education
  • Bruce May, Business Administration
  • Karen Mc Lean, Science and Health
  • Nick Nicklaus, Residence Life
  • Barbara Stewart, Multicultural Student Services
  • Teri Thill, Institutional Research
  • Al Thompson, Affirmative Action and Diversity
  • Will Van Roosenbeek and Troy Richter, Academic Staff Council
  • Carmen Wilson, Faculty Senate

UW-L Administers the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA)

As part of general education assessment, UW-L is participating in the Collegiate Learning Assessment (CLA), a standardized test that measures critical thinking, analytic reasoning, problem solving and written communication. About 100 new freshmen were tested in September, and 100 graduating seniors will be tested in spring 2008. For a one-page summary about UW-L and the CLA, visit For additional information about the test, visit or contact Bill Cerbin at  

This newsletter is provided in the spirit of on-going communication. It is for informational purposes only and does not represent official policy statements or administrative positions.