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September 2007

NOTE:  The Provost’s Office is staffed from 7:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.

In This Issue:

General Education Assessment Taskforce 

The short term task force charged with developing a comprehensive plan to assess general education learning outcomes has released a draft of their report that will be reviewed by the General Education Committee for recommendations to Faculty Senate. The draft is available at

The committee’s membership is Scott Cooper (biology), Deb Hoskins (women’s, gender, and sexuality studies/honors), Sandy Grunwald (chemistry), and Carmen Wilson (psychology).

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Instructional Academic Staff Liaison

Among the several recommendations regarding changes in policies and procedures applying to instructional academic staff (IAS) was the recommendation to have an individual serve as an IAS Liaison. The liaison is responsible for working with the Provost’s Office to establish an IAS orientation process, organize and attend the IAS orientation sessions, organize (in cooperation with Human Resources) a career progression informational meeting in the fall to aid potential IAS in their preparation for the career progression process, organize the IAS mentor system, and maintain the IAS webpage. Kerrie Hoar (biology) was elected by the Faculty Senate IAS committee to serve as the IAS Liaison (785-6459; ). The full set of recommendations supported by the chancellor is available at

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Constitution Day 2007

All students and other members of the La Crosse community are invited to hear Dr. Stephen McDougal (political science) speak on “The Constitution of 1787: Law v. Politics.” Learn more about how the framers crafted the Constitution of 1787 and the implications for national politics today.

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New UW-L Website Update

Educational Technologies and Information Technology Services have conducted the first stage of piloting of the new campus website templates. On September 20, 2007, the campus will receive information on the process of obtaining access to the web page templates and the training schedule for learning how best to use them. Training workshops will begin during the week of September 24. On September 20, the new home page will be posted on the UW-L web site.

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 Electronic Portfolios – Faculty & Instructional Academic Staff

Two workshop times have been set for faculty interested in attending a hands-on session regarding the use of electronic portfolios (Digital Measures) for retention and promotion. 

In addition, several videos have been developed by Bob Hoar and his students in the Institute for Innovation in Undergraduate Research & Learning (IIURL) to help guide faculty and IAS in the use of the electronic portfolio system.  Short (1-3 minutes) and informative, they should be the first stop for anyone with questions about the system:

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Electronic Portfolios – An Overview of UW-L Scholarship

This summer, annual reports were fully electronic, and this fall, retention and promotion reviews will be based on electronic portfolios. In addition, the system can be used to help merit decisions, post-tenure review, and instructional academic staff (IAS) personnel reviews. The following links to an overview of the scholarly activity by UW-L personnel this past year For instance, UW-L faculty and IAS were involved in over 100 peer-reviewed publications between May 2006 and May 2007.

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Promotion Resources

The Provost’s Office has a new webpage designed to provide guidance for promotion candidates It includes an annotated version of an electronic promotion file. 

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Undergraduate Research Grants

Amery Bodelson (grant writer) will serve as the consultant for student research assuming a portion of the duties previously associated with Bill Gresens. Amery can be reached at 785-8050 or Information regarding the undergraduate research grant competition deadlines and application process is available at October 17 is the Fall 2007 deadline.

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 UW Campus Climate Study Work Group

Five UW campuses will participate in the first year of a broad-based campus climate assessment led by the national research team of Rankin & Associates (R&A):  UW Colleges, UW-Milwaukee, UW-Oshkosh, UW-Stevens Point and UW-La Crosse. For a broad description, see the website:  UW-L will be represented on the work group by Beth Hartung (Campus Climate) and Barbara Stewart (Multicultural Student Services).

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“By the Numbers” Newsletter

The Office of Institutional Research produces a regular newsletter entitled “By the Numbers” designed to share the knowledge, experience, and findings of the office with UW-L students, staff, faculty, and administrators. The August 2007 newsletter is the last of the Equity Scorecard report summaries and focuses on Institutional Receptivity. Current and past newsletters are available at:

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This newsletter is provided in the spirit of on-going communication. It is for informational purposes only and does not represent official policy statements or administrative positions.