Check us out on Facebook.  We also host a page for club alumni.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find out about what's going on in Psi Chi/Psych. Club?
The officers maintain this website and a Facebook page.  We also have a bulletin board outside of the Psychology Main Office (GMH 335) and we frequently update white boards located around Graff Main Hall.  Students can also receive updates by signing up for the mailing list.  If you're a Psi Chi member, e-mail; Psych. Club members should e-mail

I have to pay my dues, for a t-shirt, etc.  Where can I do that?
Both clubs have mailboxes in the Psychology Main Office (GMH 335).  We typically instruct students to include a check and any relevant documentation inside an envelope and drop it off in the mailbox of the club they're a member of.

What does this club do?
Many student organizations struggle with identity issues.  Our club focuses on encouraging students to form social relationships with their peers and their professors and assisting students who wish to pursue extracurricular opportunities that make them more marketable to graduate schools and/or potential employers.  We are very proud to host social events for students and faculty, presentations from various psychology-related organizations in the community, graduate school speakers, and many other events that enrich the lives of psychology majors and minors at UW-L.  We respect your time, and we won't waste it; our agenda is constantly re-evaluated to ensure we don't overlap with other students groups and that we're rewarding students for their membership.

How much does membership cost?
Membership in either club is $10/year or $7/semester.  Psi Chi inductees pay a $55 membership fee that includes their first year of chapter dues (the remaining $45 goes to the international organization).