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Psi Chi & Psychology Club

The Department of Psychology at UW-L offers two opportunities for students at varying stages in their undergraduate careers to participate in Psychology Student Organizations.  The first is a club for any student with an interest in psychology.  The second is the local chapter of an international, APA-affiliated honor society for psychology students.  Although each organization has its own set of goals, the clubs meet together in order to ensure a large enough group for some of our activities and to facilitate student growth and development.

The current priorities for both clubs are to 1) encourage students to develop relationships with their peers and their professors and 2) to assist students who wish to pursue extracurricular opportunities that make them more marketable to graduate schools and/or potential employers.

We are very proud to host social events for students and faculty, presentations from various psychology-related organizations in the community, graduate school speakers, and many other events that enrich the lives of psychology majors and minors at UW-L.  We respect your time, and we won't waste it; our agenda is constantly re-evaluated to ensure we don't overlap with other students groups and that we're rewarding students for their membership.

FALL 2011 Meeting Schedule -- ALL meetings are on Wednesdays at 7pm in GMH 247.


-- Wednesday, November 9, 2011
  Deadline to submit Psi Chi materials - 10/26/2011


Psi Chi & Psych Club President:  Jennah Arndt
Psi Chi & Psych Club VP:  Danica Joosten
Psi Chi & Psych Club Public Relations Officer:  OPEN POSITION CURRENTLY
Psi Chi Treasurer:  Amber Gray
Psi Chi Secretary:  Allyson McElligott
Psych Club Treasurer:  Shizuka Ikeyama
Psych Club Secretary:  Debra Haggerty