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November 18th, 2009

GMH 247

I. Call to Order
II. Video
III. Grant Moxon – signing cards; helping to make a difference!
IV. Student/Faculty Night-Big Al’s on Third Street
a. Thursday, December 3rd at 5pm
b. We want to do one every semester!
c. Get to know the Faculty outside of class as people
d. Good to help with letters of recommendation
e. Email Catherine Langdon for more information
V. Relay for Life
a. Fundraiser for American Cancer Society
b. At the Rec overnight February 5th through 6th
c. Please sign up if interested!
VI. Catch-a-cure
a. February 13th
b. Raising money for lung cancer research
c. Snow football, snowman building contest, and ice fishing!
d. Let Jonathan Ringdahl know if you are interested in volunteering!
VII. Myrick Hixon EcoPark
a. Take receipts from Festival Foods or Quillin’s to the Myrick Hixon EcoPark or in Psych club mailbox
VIII. Turkey Trot – This Saturday at 9am
a. Put down Psych club as your affiliation and we can win a taco party!
IX. La Crosse Community Thanksgiving Dinner
a. Thanksgiving day
b. Call 608-782-4243 if interested
X. T-shirts
a. Will accept money until Friday if put in Psych club mailbox
b. $13
c. If a check, write it out to UWL Psych Club
XI. Awards
a. New awards system!
b. Outstanding service award: 1 per semester; member goes all out supporting the chapter and its activities
c. Silver Status Award: attend 3 meetings and participate in 2 volunteer activities
d. Gold Status Award: attend 5 meetings and participate in 4 meetings
e. Honor Award: maintain a GPA of 3.5
f. High Honor award: maintain a GPA of 3.8
XII. Guest Speaker-Riverfront
a. 3000 S. Ave across from A&W Rootbeer
b. Gives you an opportunity to be an advocate for people with disabilities
c. “Being the best we can be to serve those with disabilities”, helping them reach their goals in life
d. Day services: group activities for people to come in and socialize
e. Volunteers are so important: can be a mentor, skill builder, just someone there to talk to, a confidence builder, mood changer, etc.
f. Need volunteers for lunch room assistance from 11:15 to 1:15
g. Usual hours are 8am-3pm
h. Occasional night time volunteer opportunities
i. Also have an on call volunteer listing
XIII. Adjournment