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October 21st, 2009

GMH 247

• The meeting was called to order by President Jonathan Ringdahl.
• A Pre-PA Club representative made a brief announcement for an upcoming fundraiser for Lung Cancer on February 13, 2010. The fundraiser will consist of winter activities (ice fishing, snowball fights, etc.) and survivors will talk about lung cancer. The volunteer sign up was for help with safety. A mass meeting will be held Thursday October 29, 2009 in 140 Cowley.
• We watched a Youtube video of a Japanese prank and mentioned the possibility of doing something similar. watch the video
• We held officer elections for spring semester Psi Chi VP (as current VP, Kristin Farrington, will be graduating in December), fall semester (current) Psych Club Treasurer, Psi Chi Historian, and Psi Chi Treasurer. Nic van Oss was elected for VP. Sonya Saunders was appointed for Psych Club Treasurer because no one else ran. Anna Karraker was appointed to Psi Chi Treasurer because no one else ran. No one ran for Psi Chi Historian, so we still need one. Anyone who is interested should contact Jonathan:
• Next, Jonathan called for a motion to approve the changes made to the Psi Chi bylaws. Catherine Langdon, Psi Chi Secretary moved to approve the bylaws. Nic van Oss, Psi Chi Treasurer seconded the motion. The motion passed.
• Amanda Walther, Psych Club VP, talked about club t-shirts. They will be Navy and long-sleeved with the UW-L symbol (the “L” with the Eagle in it) with Psi Chi/Psych Club around it printed on the front (contact Amanda for more details). We voted on the quote that should be printed on the back of the shirt. The winner was “The only normal people are the ones you don’t know very well”-Alfred Adler. T-shirts are estimated to cost $13.00. If you are interested in a shirt, the sign up is in the Psychology Office Room 335 GMH. You can put your check or cash in the Psi Chi/Psych Club mailbox. Amanda will let us know when she will place the order. YOU MUST HAVE YOUR MONEY IN BEFORE WE ORDER YOU A SHIRT! If you have any questions or concerns, contact Amanda Walther:
• Nic van Oss discussed the reward system we are putting in to place this semester. There will be rewards for meeting attendance and activity participation. Examples of rewards will be “Freud” t-shirts from two years ago (“If it’s not one thing, it’s your mother”), discount on Psi Chi chords and medals (for graduation), among other things. We will also be giving awards for perfect meeting attendance, outstanding service, perfect activity attendance, and GPA. These are good things to put on your résumé! Contact Nic van Oss if you have questions:
• Volunteer activities discussed:
o Ally McElligott and Amanda Bulgrin talked about Relay For Life – February 5-6, 2010. 15 people to a team, possibility of two teams if there is enough interest. Team goals will be $1000, individual goals are set at $100. Join the group on Facebook if you’re interested and contact Ally or Amanda via the group: Psi Chi/Psych Club Relay for Life Team
o Jonathan talked about the Enchanted Forest (it happened Sunday October 25). It was at the EcoPark. Volunteers could dress up in costumes (They were provided) and handed out candy to kids. If you have any questions contact Jonathan:
o Karolyn Bald talked about her need for volunteers for the Centennial Gala. Times were Friday October 23 at 11am and 12am Saturday October 24 at the REC. She needed more volunteers for the 11 am shift. Estimated time for setup was an hour.
o Professor Tim Kullman’s Group Dynamics (PSY 343) class is trick-or-treating for can and personal hygiene donations. Jonathan Ringdahl, Catherine Langdon, Nic van Oss, and Amanda Walther are members of this class and are looking for people who would be interested in participating. Costumes are required. We will start trick-or-treating at 4pm on Saturday, October 31. Contact Jonathan, Catherine, or Amanda if you’re interested: ―
• Interested in School Psych? November 4 at 6pm in GMH 247 Dr. Betty Deboer will give a presentation on School Psychology. This is a special event (i.e., activity… for those who are interested in receiving awards or rewards HINT HINT!!!!)
• Karolyn Bald returned to give a short presentation on Career Services including, but not limited to, how to navigate the Career Services webpage, interviewing hints, how to make a great résumé and cover letter, and how to use Eagle Opportunities for internships and jobs. (Anyone know who has access to Eagle Opportunities? If you answered EVERYONE, you’re correct!)
• We ended the meeting with a few announcements:
o Wednesday October 28 – Our fellow Psi Chi chapter at UW-Stout is hosting Monica Jordan from Alabama Crime Compensation Commission. “Advocating for Victims of Violent Crime.” As an interesting side note, Jordan’s family was on “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.”
o Email or Facebook any of the officers if you have ideas for speakers, events, or if you have a special interest in something for the club.
o DUES! Psych Club dues are $7 for semester and $10 for a year. Dues allow us to buy snacks for meetings, host dinners with faculty, and cover any other club expenses. If you want to be an OFFICIAL member of Psych Club and be eligible for awards and rewards, you need to pay your dues! Put your dues IN AN ENVELOPE with your first and last name and write DUES in the Psi Chi/Psych Club mailbox in the Psych Office (335 GMH) Contact Sonya Saunders or Jonathan for information.