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October 13th, 2010

GMH 247

7:00pm: Meeting starts

7:03pm: Announcement from Katherine Elgin looking for volunteers for campus close up. She needs one student at each of the designated times, 10:20-11:35am Friday, October 22 Thursday, October 28, Friday, October 29, and Friday, November 12. Elgin needs Psychology majors to talk to curious high school students about being a Psychology major. Those who are interested can e-mail Nic van Oss at

7:05pm: Agenda

7:07pm: Historian positions for both Psi Chi and Psychology Club. The Historian position is responsible for taking pictures at all club events and reporting on events in the club. Those who are interested can e-mail the club to which they interested in applying for the position. Psi Chi historian needs to be a member of Psi Chi. and

7:10pm: Faculty Dinner announced: The annual faculty dinner night at Big Al’ s Pizza will be October, 27 at 7:00 PM. Members are encouraged to RSVP to and members are required to have paid their dues to attend.

7:13pm: Group Dues reminder. All new Psi Chi inductees have paid their dues. Old Psi Chi members need to pay their dues: 10$ for the year 7$ for the semester, checks can be made out to Psi Chi. Psychology Club dues are 10$ a year 7$ a semester, checks can be made out to Psychology club. Semester dues are encouraged if a member plans to graduate in December. Money can be left in the Psychology office, GMH 335, in the club mail box with members name.

7:15pm: Youth Care Emphasis: Professor Caya presented the Youth Cara Emphasis option to pair with a Psychology Major. CYC focuses on working with troubled or at risk youth varying in ages. Students who are interested can contact Professor Caya. The Youth Cara Emphasis is soon to be a minor option.

7:35pm: Relay for life: Members who are interested in being on the Psi Chi, Psychology Club Relay for Life team can contact Ally McElligott for more information. Deadline for participants is quickly approaching.

7:40pm: T-shirt discussion: T-shirt design was proposed and decided upon. Colors are yet to be decided, price will be $10 a shirt, and money must be received before shirts are ordered, deadline is November 8th at 12 pm. Checks can be made out to Psi Chi and left in the mailbox GMH 335 with name and shirt size.

7:42pm: Psi Chi Induction: Psi Chi induction ceremony for new inductees will be held
Wednesday October 20th at 6:00 pm in the Ward Room of Cartwright center.

7:45pm: meeting adjourned