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September 23rd, 2009

GMH 247
1. Video- “The Marshmallow Test”- really funny, if you missed it check it out on YouTube!
2. Introductions of Officers/Faculty
3. Information Gathering (any ideas on changes to the Clubs?) -Ideas
a. Meeting times: once a month at the current time works
b. Charities: rotary lights?
c. Volunteering: with people who need help like mental health or physical disabilities
d. Mental health awareness programs, stress management speeches, etc.
4. Bylaws
a. Haven’t been updated since ’96!! Psi Chi Pres. Jonathan has been working on them
b. Moving up elections to help transitioning new officer positions
5. Officer Positions Open!
a. Currently Psi Chi Historian
b. In Spring Psi Chi Vice President
c. Email Jonathan Ringdahl for more information!
6. Psi Chi Inductions coming up
a. Fill out a form and turn in a Check for $55 to join
7. Rewards system
a. Working on developing awards to recognize you as our members!
8. La Crosse Queen Cruise
a. Sightseeing Cruise on the Mississippi River
b. $13-15 depending on how many people go
c. Very beautiful sights to see
9. Dr. Johnson’s Psych 200 class
a. Explains different careers and places you can go in Psychology
b. Helps kids find more about internships and such
c. Send Dr. Johnson an email if you are interested!
10. Fall Volunteer Activities
a. Children’s Museum here in La Crosse
i. Probably in November
b. Trick or Treating for Cans from 4-8 pm on Oct. 30th
i. Help us fill the food pantries!
c. Myrick Hixon EcoPark – Enchanted Forest on Oct. 17th, 18, 24, and 25 from 12-3pm
11. Spring Volunteer Activities we will POSSIBLY do
a. Operation Riverwatch
i. Help patrol riverside park after hours on the weekends
b. Relay for Life
i. Stay up all night in the rec to raise money for cancer research
c. Neighbor’s Day
i. Help elderly or disabled people clean up their yards, etc.
ii. Get free food and treats too!
d. Kindergarten Carnival
e. “Catch a Cure”
i. Ice fishing, etc. to help raise money for lung cancer research!
12. Raising Money for a Cause
a. Help out the EcoPark to raise money!
13. Club Fundraising
a. With more money we can do more fun and interesting things!
b. Will come back to you with more information at the next meeting!
14. Social Science Graduate School Workshop
a. Wednesday, October 7th from 6-8 pm in the Ward Room
b. Amazing event to attend to learn more about Grad School
15. Next Meeting
a. Wednesday, October 21st at 7 pm in 247 Graff!! (Same room, same time)
b. We will send out reminders!