John F. Greany, PT, Ph.D., RCEP, FAACVPR
Associate Professor
Associate Member of UW-L Graduate Faculty
Director, Human Movement and Physiology Laboratory
Physical Therapy Program, University of Wisconsin - La Crosse


  • Ph.D., Rehabilitation Science & Gerontology, University of Minnesota, 2006
  • M.S., Adult Fitness / Cardiac Rehabilitation, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, 1994
  • B.S., Physical Therapy, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, 1984
  • Certified in Complete Decongestive Therapy (Lymphedema), 2007
  • ACSM Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, 2008
  • Fellow of the American Association of Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Rehabilitation, 2011

Research Interests:

  • Cardiovascular and pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Aging Issues: Screening instruments for Fall Risk, Fall Prevention
  • Physical activity for special populations (Autism Spectrum Disorders)


Teaching Specialties:

  • PTS 625/626 Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Management
  • PTS 516/517 Physiological Regulation in Exertion & Disease
  • PTS 701 Applied Adult Community Practice
  • PTS 742 Research Practicum
  • PTS 751 Clinical Fieldwork

Service, Honors and Awards:

  • Member of the Oversight Panel for Analysis of Practice 2006; FSBPT
  • Quality Review Committee member, Foreign Credentialing Commission on Physical Therapy (2004-2006)
  • Pre-doctoral Fellowship, National Institute of Aging (1999 –2003)
  • President Wyoming Physical Therapy Association (1998 – 1999)
  • Treasurer Wyoming Physical Therapy Association (1995-1998)
  • Chair Exam Development Committee (National Physical Therapy Exam) Federation State Boards of Physical Therapy (2002 – 2004)
  • Member and Chair Exam Construction Review Committee (National Physical Therapy Exam) Federation State Board of Physical Therapy (1997- 2005)
  • La Crosse Exercise and Health Program Award, 1994
  • Student of the Year, Physical Therapy Program – UW-La Crosse, 1984

Professional Memberships

  • Member of the American Physical Therapy Association
  • Member of the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
  • Member of the American College of Sports Medicine
  • Member of the Clinical Exercise Physiology Association
  • Associate member of the Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy

Recent Peer Reviewed Publications

1.      Kernozek, T. W., Greany, J. F., Heizler, C. Plantar Loading Asymmetry in Native Americans with Diabetes and Peripheral Neuropathy, Diabetes and those without Diabetes. Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association; March 2013. 

 2.      Rogatzki, M., Kernozek, T. W., Willson, J., Greany, J. F., Hong, D.A., Porcari, J. P. Differences in Peak Muscle Activation, Joint Kinematics and Kinetics during an Elliptical and Stepping Movement Pattern while using a PRECOR AMT Trainer. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 2011; 83(2), 152-159.

3.      Porcari, J.P., Greany, J.F., Tepper, S., Foster, C.C.  The physiologic and electromyographic responses to walking in regular and walking in regular athletic shoes versus “toning shoes”. Gundersen Lutheran Medical Journal, 2011; 7(1), 3-7. 

 4.      Greany, JF, Di Fabio, RP.  Models to Predict Fall History and Fall-Risk for Community-Dwelling Elderly.  Physical & Occupational Therapy in Geriatrics, 2010; 28(3); 280-296.

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 7.      Greany, J. F., Di Fabio R. P.  Saccade to Stepping Delays in High-Risk for Fall Elderly.  Aging Clin Exp Res; 2008; 20(5); 419-433. 

8.      Milton, D., J.P. Porcari, C. Foster, M. Gibson, B. Udermann, J. Greany.  The effect of functional fitness training on functional fitness levels of older adults.  Gundersen Lutheran Medical Journal, 5(1); 4-8, 2008.

9.      Kernozek, T. W., Durall, C., Greany, J. F., Anderson, D., Van Heel, D., Youngdahl, R., Benesh, B. The effects of cryotherapy on postural stability in individuals with lateral ankle sprains. Physiotherapy Research International. 2008; 13(2):107-18.

10.     Heinert B, Kernozek TW, Fater DCW, Greany JF.  The effect of hip abduction weakness on lower extremity kinematics during the stance phase of running in healthy females. Journal of Sport Rehabilitation. 2008; 17: 243-256.


Recent Published Proceedings

 1.      Greany, J. F., Greany, K. A., Fortuine, H: The Acute Effects of Exercise and Exercise and Cocoa Flavanols on Post Exercise Hypotension J Cardiopulm Rehabil. 32:231, 2012.

 2.      Greany, K. A., Knutson, M., Greany, J. F. The Acute Effect of LIFEMOVES on Resting Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Respiratory Rate, and Perceived Stress J Cardiopulm Rehabil. 32:231, 2012.

3.      Greany, J. F., Check, K., Manske, K., Greany, K. A. The Benefits of Martial Arts in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Pediatric Physical Therapy. 24:106, 2012.

4.      Greany, JF, Brunner, L., Lallensack, L:  Reliability of the Rubor of Dependency Test.  J Cardiopulm Rehabil 31:E6, 2011.

 5.      Hanadel, K, Greany, JF, Greany, KA:  The fitness benefits of pushing a baby stroller outdoors.  J Cardiopulm Rehabil 30: 271, 2010.

6.      Greany, JF, Kernozek TW, Armstrong K, Halderson J, Ramsey E:  Effects of nike +iPod sports training kit on fitness in 7th grade students.  J Cardiopulm Rehabil 30: 271-272, 2010.

7.      Greany KA, Greany JF:  The acute effect of the energy drink Red Bull® on resting metabolism and hemodynamic parameters in healthy young adults.  J Cardiopulm Rehabil 30: 272, 2010.

8.      Gehrke JL, Foster C, Steenstra DC, Shatzer J, Greany J, Gibson MT, Porcari JP:  Effect of PDE5 inhibitors and post exercise blood pressure.  J Cardiopulm Rehabil 30: 272, 2010.

9.      Steenstra DC, Foster C, Greany J, Gibson M, Shatzer J, Porcari JP:  Effects of PDE 5 inhibitors on exercise blood pressure.  J Cardiopulm Rehabil 30: 276, 2010.

10.      Greany, J.  Reliability of ankle brachial index values by student clinicians. J Cardiopulm Rehabil 29: 269, 2009.

11.      Thomas J, Porcari JP, Cadwell K, Greany J, Foster C.  Energy expenditure and relative exercise intensity of dancetown. J Cardiopulm Rehabil 29: 263, 2009.

12.      Greany JF, Johnson K M, Lundborg JL.  The Effects of Post-Exercise Hypotension As It Relates to Six Hours of Free Living in Hypertensive and Prehypertensive Subjects.  J Cardiopulm Rehabil 28: 281, 2008.

13.      Greany JF, Kernozek TM.  Effects of NIKE + iPod Sport Training Kit on Fitness and Muscular Performance in 7th Grade Students.  Cardiopulm Physical Therapy Jrnl 19: 134, 2008. 

John F. Greany, PT, Ph.D., RCEP, FAACVPR
4073 Health Science Center
Department of Health Professions - Physical Therapy Program
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse
1725 State Street
La Crosse, WI 54601
Phone: (608) 785-8461
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