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ART    500      Cr. 1-3

Perspectives in Art II

Art studio and/or historical investigation within traditional and contemporary areas of art. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Repeatable for credit — maximum 3.


ART    413/513           Cr. 1-3

Independent Study

Concentrated study in any area: art history, art metal, ceramics, design, drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture. Open to advanced students who have excellent records in selected areas. Prerequisite: consent of instructor. Repeatable for credit — maximum 6 for majors, maximum of 4 for non-majors or minors.


ART    434/534           Cr. 3

Aesthetics and Art Criticism

in the Visual Arts

An investigation of the aesthetics of diverse

cultures, Western being only one of these. An exploration of art philosophies of the past as well as contemporary art theories in the visual arts. An inquiry into the meaning of art and art production. Prerequisites: two of the following: ART 351, 352, 353 and 354. Graduate students must have permission of the instructor.


ART    615      Cr. 1-3

Graduate Seminar

An in-depth investigation of a specific area of studio art, art history, or art education taught by an artist or instructor who has recognized mastery of knowledge, skill, or talent. Prerequisite: an undergraduate degree in visual arts or consent of the instructor.

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