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Office of the Chancellor

Chancellor - Judith Kuipers

Assistant Chancellor,Admin. Services - Larry Lebiecki

Assistant Chancellor, Budget Planning and Control -Ronald Lostetter

Assistant Chancellor, University Advancement and External    Relations - Louis Markwith

Assistant to Chancellor, Affirmative Action and Diversity - Alfred Thompson


Office of the Vice Chancellor/Provost

Provost/Vice Chancellor - Douglas Hastad

Assistant Vice Chancellor,Information Technology - Kathy Lang

Dean of Students - Ann Korschgen (interim)

Assistant Dean of Students - Michael Miyamoto

Director of Graduate Studies - Garth Tymeson

Executive Director, Human Resources - Jennifer Wilson


College of Business Administration

Dean - William Colclough (interim)

Associate Dean - Vacant


College of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Teacher Education

Dean - Sandra Price (interim)

Associate Dean - Garth Tymeson


School of Education

Director - Vacant


College of Science and Allied Health

Dean - Michael Nelson

Associate Deans - Ronald Rada, Martin Venneman


College of Liberal Studies

Dean - John Magerus

Associate Deans - Ruth Ann Benson; Robert Bilby (interim); Dean Stroud (interim)


School of Arts and Communication

Director - Ruth Ann Benson



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