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Duties and responsibilities of the council shall include:

1.                  Establishing, in consultation with departments and/or colleges, academic standards pertaining to graduate study, including policies for graduate admission, honors recognition, retention, probation, dismissal and readmission.

2.                  Determining the procedures and criteria for selecting members of the graduate faculty and annually approving an updated roster of members of the graduate faculty.

3.                  Formulating procedures for hearing graduate student appeals and petitions on academic policy matters not resolved by administrative offices of the university.

4.                  Studying long-range issues related to any aspect of graduate studies and recommending how and by whom these issues should be addressed.

Membership of the committee shall include eight graduate faculty chosen so that each of the four colleges is represented by two faculty members, at least one of whom is either a graduate program director (having no additional administrative responsibilities) or is a member of a department participating in a graduate program. In addition, the dean of graduate studies, the chair of the graduate curriculum committee, and two graduate students shall serve as members. The deans of the four colleges or their designated appointees, and the registrar shall serve as administrative consultants to the committee. The committee shall elect its chair. The dean of graduate studies shall serve as convener.

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