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Duties and responsibilities of the committee shall include:

1.                  Receiving, reviewing and acting on proposals for curricular changes from the various academic departments and graduate programs.

2.                  Initiating, developing and recommending changes in the design of curricula for experimental and research purposes.

3.                  Informing department chair/program directors, in writing, of proposals being considered that relate to experimental curricula or their programs, thus providing adequate opportunity for department/programs to be heard prior to committee and senate action on such proposals.

4.                  Evaluating various curricular proposals by an established set of criteria, taking into consideration the needs of students and of society, the mission of the university, the necessity for quality programs, and the availability of resources.

5.                  Coordinating the various curricula through formal consultation with the academic departments, graduate programs, and the Academic Program Review Committee.

6.                  Publishing the agenda of regularly scheduled meetings in the university newsletter.

Membership of the committee shall consist of twelve members of the graduate faculty and four graduate students. The faculty membership shall consist of three representatives from each of the four colleges. Each of the four colleges shall be represented by one student member. The provost/vice chancellor, the registrar, the dean of graduate studies, and the dean of each college shall serve as administrative consultants to the committee. The committee shall elect its chair.


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