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PHY/AST        450/550           Cr. 3-15

Physics and Astronomy Internship

Full- or part-time work experience in a physics or astronomy related position with a public or private agency. Not more than five credits are applicable to a major or three credits to a minor in physics. A written application, departmental acceptance, and appointment of adviser must be completed before registration. Prerequisites: minimum cumulative GPA of 2.25 (2.50 in physics), PHY 104 or 204 plus six credits in physics or astronomy courses above 204 level. (Cross-listed with AST; may only earn credit in PHY or AST.)


PHY/AST        453/553           Cr. 1-3

Topics in Physics and Astronomy

Various subjects of interest to specific groups will be offered on occasion. Specific sub-topics will be assigned each time the course is offered. Such titles might be physical applications of group theory, nuclear physics, cosmic-ray physics, holography, acoustics, archeoastronomy, advanced experimental physics for school teachers or other areas of current interest. Prerequisite: PHY 104 or 204 or equivalent. Repeatable for credit under different sub-titles. (Cross-listed with AST; may only earn credit in PHY or AST.)


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