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SOC    475/575           Cr. 1-3

Workshop in Applied Sociology

Intensive short-term study of a problem area in terms of applied sociology framework. The workshops would focus on integration of the latest social science findings and their application to problem-solving in various institutional and community settings. Prerequisite: SOC 110 or 120 or 200. Repeatable for credit — maximum 6.


SOC    600      Cr. 3

Death Education

This course is designed to aid teachers, administrators, clinicians, and adults who work with children to support children when deaths occur whether from suicide, homicide, accidents, or diseases. The focus is upon management and coping. Offered Sem. II and Summer Session.


SOC    700      Cr. 3


A study of the impact and effect of serious illnesses, critical incident crises, and grief and loss on children, adolescents, and adults in the United States, Japan, and other societies. A variety of psycho-social, ethical, and public policy approaches and issues are examined from the point of view of teachers, family members, friends, care providers, and others. Assumptions, principles, and practice guidelines will be discussed and applied to real-life examples and cases. Student projects may involve survey research, literature review, and/or development of resource material for practical use in a variety of settings. Prerequisites: SOC 422, 600, or consent of instructor. Offered Sem. I and Summer Session.


SOC/EFN/C-I 750      Cr. 1-3

Guided Learning

Study of a significant problem, development of a professionally related competency, or acquisition of job-related knowledge through independent study on or off campus under the direction of a faculty member. On occasion, individuals may be formed into classes. Prerequisites: approval of adviser and consent of instructor. Repeatable for credit — maximum 15. (Cross-listed with EFN and C-I; may only earn 15 credits total in SOC, EFN, and C-I.)


SOC/EFN/C-I/EDM/RDG    796   Cr. 1-2

Independent Study

Directed readings or presentation of material not available in formal departmental courses under the supervision of an assigned staff member. Repeatable for credit — maximum 4. (Cross-listed with EFN, C-I, EDM, and RDG; may only earn 4 credits total in SOC, EFN, C-I, EDM,and RDG.)




ARC    409/509           Cr. 1-3

Readings and Research in Archaeology

Directed readings or research under the supervision of an instructor. Prerequisites: ARC 200 or 490/590, consent of supervising instructor, and junior standing. Repeatable for credit — maximum 6.


ARC    490/590           Cr. 3

Archaeology for Teachers

This course explores methods and resources for applying archaeology in the regular precollegiate classroom. A brief overview of the science of archaeology, and the pre-European cultures of Wisconsin and Minnesota is provided. Offered Sem. II and Summer Session.


ARC    491/591           Cr. 3

Archaeology Field School for Teachers

Participants will experience the basic skills used in the excavation of archaeological sites, including surveying techniques, methods of excavation, compilation of field data and laboratory analysis. Practical application of the skills will be related to the classroom of the precollegiate instructor. Repeatable for credit — maximum 9. Prerequisite: ARC 490/590. Offered Summer Session.


ARC    492/592           Cr. 3

Archaeology Analysis Procedures for Teachers

Taking a hands-on approach to analyzing and interpreting archaeological remains, the class will integrate lectures with demonstrations, experiments, and supervised laboratory projects. Study will focus on the potential for interpreting human lifeways and adaptations to the environment from stone tools, ceramics, floral, and faunal remains. Practical application of the interpretation process will be related to the classroom of the precollegiate instructor. Introduction will provide an overview of field procedures. Prerequisite: ARC 490. Offered

Sem. I, even-numbered years.


ARC    498/598           Cr. 1-3

Seminar in Archaeology

Intensive study of some specific area or problem of archaeology. Prerequisite: ARC 200 or 490. Repeatable for credit — maximum 6 in ARC 498 and ANT 499. Department option, Pass/Fail grading.

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