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The university follows a semester calendar. Semester I (September through mid-December) and Semester II (late January through mid-May) each contains 14 weeks of instruction plus one week of final exams. The standard class period is 55 minutes.

Between semesters is a three-week intersession called J Term. Courses are offered in a compressed, intensive format. It provides students an opportunity to make up deficiencies, explore new areas, or make progress toward graduating in a timely manner. Students who attend other institutions during the academic year may register for J Term as special non-degree students.


During the summer months, the university provides:

1)      balanced undergraduate programs for students who wish to complete degree requirements in less than four years;

2)      undergraduate courses for certification and professional growth of teachers;

3)      graduate courses for classroom teachers, school administrators, and others;

4)      enrichment programs for both undergraduate and graduate students. Complete graduate programs are available for those who wish to attend in summers only.


There is one summer session; however, courses are offered in a variety of timeframes. The most common formats include May Term immediately following spring semester, first four-week session in June-early July, and second four-week session in July-early August. Special institutes, workshops and short courses are offered in shorter formats. Grades are issued at the end of the summer session, not at the end of the course.

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