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The university establishes a fee schedule for each academic year. Current graduate tuition and fees are published in the registration class schedule for each academic term. If you have questions about fees, contact the Cashier’s Office or the Office of Admissions. A graduation fee of $15 will be assessed when a degree-seeking student has earned 20 or more degree credits. This is a one-time fee assessed regardless of whether or not students choose to attend the commencement ceremony. Additional fees may be required for certain programs. Information may be obtained from the Admissions Office, or from the program director in the academic area you wish to pursue. Special non-degree students pay tuition based on the level of each course being taken — i.e., graduate fees are assessed for 500, 600, 700, and 800 level course work. Graduate students pay graduate tuition and fees regardless of the level of the courses being taken. When acceptance into a graduate program has been granted and full graduate status is achieved, no student will be allowed to revert to a special non-degree student status to avoid paying graduate fees. The Board of Regents reserves the right to change tuition and fees without published notice.



All  students must pay a $100 non-refundable tuition deposit before registering. The balance of semester charges for tuition and other fees is due not later than the end of the first session week. However, the university also offers an installment credit plan. Under this plan, about three weeks after classes start, students receive a bill for their remaining charges. They may elect either to pay the bill in full without interest by the first billing due date, or pay one-half of the balance due and be billed one month later for the remainder plus interest.


Students who wish to use the payment plan must file an “Application for Installment Credit” form available in the Cashier’s Office, 121 Graff Main Hall. All students are urged to apply for the credit plan when they register for the first time even though they may not intend to use it. The agreement will cover all subsequent semester billings.



There is no installment payment plan available for summer session enrollment. Fees are due and payable in full before the start of classes. Students who register late must pay in full when they register.



Students’ semester bills include a “Tuition and Fees” charge. The tuition charge is established by the Board of Regents. The fees charge is a segregated fee determined by the student government with the support of campus administration. It funds student services including the health center, student centers and the child care center and activities such as athletics, intramurals and other organized activities.


Textbooks for Graduate Students —

Graduate students must purchase textbooks for all 700 level courses in which they are enrolled; however, for 500 or 600 level course enrollment, (slash courses — graduate/undergraduate) textbooks may be available for rent from the Textbook Service for approximately $5 per credit. The rental fee for graduate students is collected at the time textbooks are checked out and is not int included in the segregated fees.

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