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SPY 700         Cr. 1-2
School Psychology: Role and Function
The professional function of school psychologists. This course covers the roles of school psychologists; the history of school psychology; legal and ethical issues; issues related to diversity; current issues and research in the field.
SPY 752         Cr. 3
Assessment and Remediation: Learning and Behavior Problems
This course is designed to teach the student how to engage in assessment activities that will result in effective planning of educational interventions for students who have difficulty with school learning. Students completing the course should be prepared to engage in appropriate assessment procedures that provide the necessary information for both educational placement and instructional programming decisions. Prerequisite: PSY 451/ 551. Offered Sem. II.
SPY 758         Cr. 3
Individual Intellectual Assessment: Laboratory
Development of skills in the administration and interpretation of current major individual intelligence measures such as the Wechsler Scales, using a competency based model. The course stresses initial development of assessment, feedback, and basic report writing skills. In addition to class meetings, students must test during the school day. Prerequisites: PSY 451/551 and concurrent enrollment in PSY 757, and acceptance into the school psychology program. Offered Sem. I.
SPY 762         Cr. 3
Supervised Practicum I in School Psychology
Supervised practice in the application of school psychology professional skills, including psychoeducational assessment, academic intervention, and behavioral intervention. Prerequisites: PSY 757, SPY 700, and SPY 758. Offered Sem. II.
SPY 763         Cr. 3
Supervised Practicum II in School Psychology
Supervised practice in the application of school psychology professional skills, including personality/behavioral assessment, intervention, consultation, counseling, and needs assessment. Prerequisites: PSY 520, 771, and SPY 752, 762, 775. Offered Sem. I.
SPY 764         Cr. 3
Supervised Practicum III in School Psychology
Supervised practice in the advanced application of school psychology professional skills, including assessment of special populations, intervention, consultation, counseling, case management, and pupil services. Prerequisites: PSY 759, 772, 776; SPY 763. Offered Sem. II.
SPY 775         Cr. 2
Cognitive­Behavioral Intervention
Research, theory and applications of cognitive­behavioral interventions. Includes direct service to clients and consulting services to help teachers, parents and others develop and implement cognitive­behavioral programs for those under their care. Prerequisite: PSY 335 or 770.
SPY 792         Cr. 2-4
Advanced Graduate Research
An individual research project which is supervised by a member of the psychology department. A written paper will be presented to the faculty and will be of a quality for publication and/or a professional presentation. Prerequisites: master's degree and PSY 520. Repeatable for credit -- maximum 4.
SPY 795         Cr. 1-2
Directed Studies
Directed readings or presentation of material not available in formal departmental courses. Repeatable for credit -- maximum 4.
SPY 796         Cr. 1-3
Professional Topics and Practices in School Psychology
Contemporary topics emphasizing current research, developments and issues in school psychology. Prerequisite: SPY 700. Repeatable for credit -- maximum 6.
SPY 797         Cr. 3
Internship in School Psychology
An intense and diverse professional experience in school psychology for a minimum of 600 hours for 3 credits under the supervision of an experienced school psychologist and a university supervisor and within training guidelines defined by the training program. Activities include assessment, interventions, consulting, counseling, pupil services, and applied projects. Prerequisites: Completion of all other School Psychology course work except for SPY 801; a passing score on the national School Psychology examination or UW-La Crosse comprehensive examinations. Repeatable for credit -- maximum 6.
SPY 800         Cr. 1
Thesis Proposal
This thesis proposal course is required of all school psychology students beginning the spring of the student's first year of graduate school. The course is designed to help students progress toward the successful completion of their thesis proposals. Topics in the course will vary due to student need, but may include resource utilization, topic selection, ethical issues, institutional review boards, committee selection, research design, data analyses plans, scientific writing, proposal development, and APA style. A student must have his/her thesis proposal approved by the school psychology program before beginning his/her internship. Course may be repeated for up to 3 credits. Pass/fail grading.
SPY 801         Cr. 3
Specialist Thesis
Completion of an independent research project and thesis under the direction of three graduate faculty members. Approved topics must be in an area related to School Psychology. Prerequisites: PSY 420/520, SPY 795, 800. Requires instructor's consent. Instructor's consent contingent on the written approval of three graduate faculty to serve as committee members. Students must register for thesis no later than the final semester of internship. Students working with a faculty member on their thesis in the summer must be enrolled in a summer session of SPY 801. Repeatable for credit. Minimum 3 -- maximum 12. Maximum if six credits applicable to degree. 

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