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ECE      316/516             Cr. 2  
Administration of Early Childhood Programs

This course emphasizes the study of the administration and organization of early childhood programs including program and staff development, supervision and evaluation of program and staff, financial management of a program, accreditation and licensing regulations, advisory groups, community agencies, and the use of community resources. Prerequisite: ECE 213.  

ECE      322/522             Cr. 2  
Early Childhood Education: Infancy and Toddler hood

An overview of programs serving children from birth to three years of age. The course will include the study of developmentally appropriate practices for the birth - three age group, the implications of health and wellness issues for this age group and a review of quality programs which serve this age group. Current issues related to the care and education of infants and toddlers will also be examined. Observations of and participation with children from birth to age three will be a part of this course. Prerequisite: PSY 212, ECE 213, or concurrent enrollment.  

ECE      324/524             Cr. 3  
Early Childhood Education: Preschool

An overview of preschool programs serving children from two through five years of age, including the study of developmentally appropriate practices and integrated curriculum development. The course will also focus on adapting instructional materials and planning appropriate experiences for young children with disabilities. The affective nature of young learners will be examined and used as a foundation for anti-bias curriculum. Instructional activities will be planned and implemented with preschool children. Prerequisite: ECE 213, PSY 212. 

ECE      326/526             Cr. 3  
Early Childhood Education: Kindergarten

The study of curriculum content, instructional strategies and materials in kindergarten programs. The focus is on developmentally appropriate curriculum which integrates social studies, science, literacy, mathematics, and the arts. Issues in kindergarten education will be examined. To be taken concurrently with ECE 327/527. Prerequisite: ECE 213, PSY 212 and admission to teacher education.  

ECE      327/527             Cr. 1  
Field Experience: Kindergarten

A field experience involving observation, participation and instruction in kindergarten settings. Students become acquainted with curriculum content, instructional strategies and classroom management techniques currently used in kindergarten classrooms. To be taken concurrently with ECE 326/526. Prerequisite: ECE 213, PSY 212 and admission to teacher education. Pass/Fail grading.  

ECE      430/530             Cr. 3  
Creative Experiences for Children: Art, Music, Drama

This course is designed to develop a philosophy of education which places emphasis on creativity and on the integration of art, music and drama experiences into the curriculum. Students will explore the classroom teacher?s role in supporting the development of creativity through arts integration. Students will plan and implement art, music and drama activities appropriate for use with prekindergarten through primary-age children. Prerequisite: ECE 213, 324/524 or 326/526, and admission to teacher education.

ECE      440/540             Cr. 3  
Language and Literacy Development of Young Children

An examination of language and literacy development of young children from birth through kindergarten. Topics of study are the development of listening comprehension, oral language, awareness of print, spelling and writing, and early reading. Supporting families as children?s first teachers, appropriate experiences at home and in childcare settings, and family literacy programs will be studied. This course will develop the ability to plan and implement a comprehensive literacy program and to develop and adapt appropriate experiences for young children. Prerequisite:   ECE 213, RDG 324/524, and admission to teacher education.  

ECE      380/580             Cr. 1-3  
Developing Creative Activities for Young Children

This course is designed to assist preservice and in-service teachers in the development of creative thinking challenges and activities for use with children in prekindergarten through third grade. Theories of creativity and multiple intelligences will be examined and used as the foundation for lesson designs. Prerequisite: PSY 370 or teaching experience. Repeatable for credit ? maximum 6.  

ECE      490/590             Cr. 2  
Seminar: Relationships with Children, Families and Professionals

A seminar course for students completing the early childhood education minor. This course focuses on the teacher as decision maker and the use of multiple sources of knowledge in professional practice; knowledge of child development and learning, knowledge of individual children, and knowledge of social and cultural contexts. Course topics include: reciprocal relationships with families and professionals, individual variations in development and learning, observation and assessment strategies, theories and approaches to guidance, and promoting family and community involvement. To be taken concurrently with ECE 400 and 401. Prerequisite: ECE 324/524, 326/526, 327/527, 430/530, and admission to teacher education.


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