Course Descriptions

MGT 205 Cr. 3
The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business

This course introduces students to ethical theory and decision-making models, as well as the legal framework in which American business operates, the substantive legal rules that govern American business domestically and internationally, and the ethical and social responsibility implications of business conduct within the legal environment. Governmental efforts to regulate business activity by statute and administrative agency rules and decisions are emphasized. Prerequisite: ECO 110 or ECO 120 and 30 credit hours. MBA foundation course

MGT 308 Cr. 3
Behavior and Theory in Organizations

This course provides an introduction to Organizational Behavior and Theory. Emphasis is on key individual and group level behavioral processes deemed essential for effective management. They include perception, motivation, communication, and group dynamics. In addition, the course covers some basic concepts of organizational theory such as organizational structure and design, organizational culture, and strategy and goals. Prerequisite: junior standing. MBA foundation course.

MGT 393 Cr. 3
Production Management

This introductory course provides business students with the processes of creating and disseminating value in both manufacturing and service operations. The course includes the theoretical foundations for production and operations management, as well as how decision-making techniques aid the manager in creating and delivering value. Global production and distribution strategies are integrated with management processes and projects. Topics include the operation system and processes, the lean and agile enterprise, six sigma, supply chain management and global logistics. Emerging information and manufacturing technologies within global supply chain are reviewed. Prerequisite: MTH 145 and MTH 175. MBA foundation course.

MGT 700 Cr. 1-3
Management Forum

Emphasis will be on the examination and study of current management issues. Topics will vary from semester to semester. Repeatable for credit - maximum 6.

MGT 702 Cr. 2
Operations Foundation

Introduction to the role of operations management in an organization, including production processes, linear programming, layout, inventory control, scheduling, project management, and quality assurance. This course is an Internet course. MBA foundation course.

MGT 703 Cr. 2
Organizational Behavior

Current theories of organizational behavior are studied with emphasis on contributions of the behavioral sciences in describing and analyzing the behavior of individuals and groups in organizations. Problems and strategies in organizational growth and change are studied. Application of concepts and development of interpersonal skills are accomplished through case analysis, practical exercises and examples. This course is an Internet course. MBA foundation course.

MGT 710 Cr. 3
Innovation and Technology Management

This course focuses on the management of innovation and technology in today's technologically integrated and interconnected world. It examines the nature of both innovation and technology from a managerial perspective and investigates what is required to manage both. A combination of lectures, readings, projects and structured exercises will be used. Prerequisite: admission to the MBA program. Offered every other year.

MGT 734 Cr. 3
Small Business Management

Advanced study in the function and role of small business management. Determination of the management team strategy in solving the wide varieties of problems encountered by the small firm. Emphasis on analytical case studies.

MGT 736 Cr. 3
The Global Environment of Business

This course focuses on current changes in the global environment with which U.S. corporations and managers interact. Emphasis is placed on understanding contemporary changes in the global environment. Contemporary and current changes are examined from a managerial and business perspective that focuses on the inter-dependence of the U.S. and other countries and trading blocs in the global environment of business.

MGT 738 Cr. 3
Labor-Management Relations

An in-depth examination of the process, structure, evaluation and practices of effective labor-management relations. Special emphasis will be given to the impact of unions on management, grievances, collective bargaining, arbitration, public sector, labor relations and the nature of unions.

MGT 740 Cr. 3
Current Issues in Human Resources and Industrial Relations

An in-depth investigation of selected current trends and issues of importance in human resource management and industrial relations. Topics may include: strategic human resource management, legal and social change affecting human resource management, current trends in union organizing, new developments in collective bargaining, new developments in fringe benefits and compensation, and comparative human resource management.

MGT 795 Cr. 3
Continuous Quality Improvement for Products and Processes

Course covers customer, output, process, input, stake and stock holders, and decision making functions as they relate to continuous quality improvement. The focus is on delivering the "best net value" to the customer. Students will investigate forming organizational alliances and consensus thinking; integrating corporate functions; developing customer orientation and facilitating teamwork. Site visits and guest lectures will be incorporated. Team-taught. Certificate of Proficiency will be issued upon course completion. Prerequisite: MTH 145 or equivalent. Pass/Fail grading. Offered Sem. II.

MGT 797 Cr. 1-3
Independent Study

Individual reading or research under the guidance of a staff member. Registration with consent of the student's regular adviser, the instructor, and the department chairperson. Student must have completed a minimum of 21 credits in the MBA program with a minimum GPA of 3.50. Approval form available in the office of the dean of the College of Business Administration. Form must be completed prior to registration. Repeatable for credit - maximum 3. Maximum of three credits in independent study in any combination of ACC 797, ECO 797, FIN 797, MGT 797 and MKT 797.