Course Descriptions

(effective Spring 2007)

P-H 707 Cr. 3
Environmental Health

Examination of how environmental mechanisms influence human health and how humans impact on environmental conditions. A critical analysis of current environmental problems and evidence linking these problems to disease causation and health enhancement. Solutions to environmental health problems will also be critically analyzed. Offered Sem. I.

P-H 717 Cr. 3
Emerging Public Health Issues

An in-depth policy and practice review of key emerging issues in public health and their societal impacts at the local, national, and international levels. Issues will be selected from the eight health challenge content areas advanced by the Institute of Medicine (2003) and additional sources. Implications for health education and health promotion will be addressed. Prerequisite: HED 701, 703. Offered Sem. II.

P-H 720 Cr. 3
Program Assessment, Planning, and Evaluation in Health Promotion

This course is designed to provide the learner with program assessment, planning, communication, and evaluation skills. Emphasis is placed on community organizing principles, intervention planning, community assessment, group communication dynamics, evaluation design, and grant writing skills. Opportunities to apply these skills to a variety of community health settings are provided. Offered Sem. II.

P-H 755 Cr. 3
Epidemiology and Public Health Issues

Examination of epidemiologic concepts in relation to specific public health issues. Disease investigation techniques, casual factors, case histories, and related biostatistics are examined and educational implications are discussed. Prerequisite: CHE 340 or equivalent. Offered Summer Session.

P-H 790 Cr. 3
Public Health Administration and Organization

Principles of effective administration as applied to public health practice, leadership, personnel, and management skills will be emphasized with a special focus on organizational concepts related to health and human service agencies. Offered Sem. II.