Course Descriptions

SOC 475/575 Cr. 1-3
Workshop in Applied Sociology

Intensive short-term study of a problem area in terms of applied sociology framework. The workshops would focus on integration of the latest social science findings and their application to problem solving in various institutional and community settings. Prerequisite: SOC 110 or 120 or 200 or ANT 101. Repeatable for credit - maximum 6.

SOC 600 Cr. 3
Death Education

This course is designed to aid teachers, administrators, clinicians, and adults who work with children to support children when deaths occur whether from suicide, homicide, accidents, or diseases. The focus is upon management and coping.

SOC 700 Cr. 3

A study of the impact and effect of serious illnesses, critical incident crises, and grief and loss on children, adolescents, and adults in the United States, Japan, and other societies. A variety of psycho-social, ethical, and public policy approaches and issues are examined from the point of view of teachers, family members, friends, care providers, and others. Assumptions, principles, and practice guidelines will be discussed and applied to real-life examples and cases. Student projects may involve survey research, literature review, and/or development of resource material for practical use in a variety of settings. Prerequisite: SOC 422, 600, or consent of instructor.

SOC/EFN/C-I 750 Cr. 1-3
Guided Learning

Study of a significant problem, development of a professionally related competency, or acquisition of job-related knowledge through independent study on or off campus under the direction of a faculty member. On occasion, individuals may be formed into classes. Prerequisite: approval of adviser and consent of instructor. Repeatable for credit - maximum 15. (Cross-listed with EFN and C-I; may only earn 15 credits total in SOC, EFN, and C-I.)

SOC/EFN/C-I/EDM/RDG 796 Cr. 1-2
Independent Study

Directed readings or presentation of material not available in formal departmental courses under the supervision of an assigned staff member. Repeatable for credit - maximum 4. (Cross-listed with EFN, C-I, EDM, and RDG; may only earn 4 credits total in SOC, EFN, C-I, EDM, and RDG.)