Program Requirements

The sport administration program prepares professionals for managerial positions in the sport industry such as athletics, sports/fitness centers, professional sports, sport/athletic equipment merchandising, and intramural/recreational sports. Students may select a thesis (36 credits) or non-thesis option (36 credits). Students choosing the non-thesis option must successfully apply for and complete comprehensive written exams in the department of exercise and sport science.

The following prerequisites must be met for entry into this Master of Science degree program:

  1. A degree in physical education/kinesiology, sport/exercise science, or sport administration/ management from an accredited four-year institution.
  2. Documented course work in:
    • human anatomy (3 credits)
    • human physiology (3 credits)
Category A - Research
Thesis Option (12 credits)
Required Courses: Credits
EFN 730 Introduction to Research 3
EFN 735 Interpretation of Statistical Data 3
ESS 799 Research: Master's Thesis 6

Non-thesis Option
(6-9 credits)
EFN 730 Introduction to Research 3
EFN 735 Interpretation of Statistical Data 3
EFN 752 Assessment of Physical Education and Athletics 3
Written Comprehensive Examination

Category B - Core Requirements
(24 credits)
ESS 545 Planning Facilities in Physical Activity and Sport 3
ESS 702 Sport Administration 3
ESS 738 Financial Management for Sport Programs 3
ESS 739 Current Issues in Sport Law 3
ESS 754 Sport Marketing 3
ESS 788 Internship in Sport Administration 6

Select one of the following three courses:

ESS 749 Psychological Aspects of Sport 3
ESS 760 Problems in Athletics 3
ESS 766 Sports in American Culture 3

Category C - Electives

(non-thesis option only - 6 credits)
Elective credits must be related to the field of sport administration or teaching. All electives must be approved by the program director or adviser prior to course enrollment.

Up to three credits of ESS 560, Clinical Forum or ESS 755, Practical Experience in Sport Administration, will count toward this option.