Course Descriptions

I-S 220 Cr. 3
Information Systems for Business Management

A study of the use of information systems to assist management in planning, directing, and controlling the activities of an organization. The use of computer resources in providing useful information for each of the functional areas of business is explored. Primary emphasis is placed on the analysis, design, and implementation of systems used to generate information for managerial purposes. A term project involving computer applications is required of each student. Prerequisite: C-S 103 and 104. MBA foundation course.

I-S 410/510 Cr. 3
Information Security Management

This course provides a comprehensive treatment of the managerial aspect of information security. Concepts of information security management (ISM) related to governance, risk management, and compliance will be acquired from a survey of contemporary literature including textbooks, journal articles, and online publications while positive models serving as industry standards that are governing today’s ISM practice will be introduced and compared. Prerequisite: I-S 220 or 2-year relevant industry experience. Offered Sem. I.