Program Requirements

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La Crosse Exercise and Health Program

The Master of Science degree in Clinical Exercise Physiology is a 43-credit program that provides the theoretical, laboratory, research and clinical experiences necessary for a career in a cardiopulmonary rehabilitation setting. Each year’s class (15 students) entering the four-semester program, summer, fall, spring, summer, receives practical, hands-on experience in Phases I and II cardiac rehabilitation, as well as graded exercise testing, in cooperation with area hospitals and clinics. In addition, students also participate in the on-campus La Crosse Exercise and Health Program (LEHP), which provides adult fitness, Phases III and IV cardiac rehabilitation programming, and health and nutrition services to over 300 participants each week. The required internship, three months during the last semester, presents opportunities for further experience at a site of the student’s choosing. The completion of a thesis project is required before the student is allowed to begin the internship.

Degree candidates typically have an undergraduate degree in physical education, fitness, exercise science, or other allied health related fields such as biology, health education, nursing, or physical therapy. A minimum undergraduate grade point average of 3.00 is required for admission. Application deadline is February 1 of each year.

Graduates  are prepared to:

  • conduct graded exercise tests
  • design exercise programs for healthy and diseased populations
  • organize and administer adult fitness, corporate fitness, and cardiopulmonary rehabilitation programs

Graduates are employed in:

  • colleges and universities
  • adult fitness centers (public, private, and corporate)
  • clinic, hospital, and "free standing" rehabilitation facilities
  • sports medicine centers

Prerequisites or their equivalent for admission into the program are:

ESS 205 Human Anatomy 3
ESS 206 Human Physiology 3
ESS 281 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries 2
ESS 302 Physiology of Exercise 2
Category A - Research
(12 credits)
EFN 730 Introduction to Research 3
EFN 735 Interpretation of Statistical Data 3
ESS 799 Research: Thesis 6
Category B - Core Requirements
(31 credits) Credits
ESS 744 Laboratory Techniques for Clinical Exercise Physiology 3
ESS 770 Physiology of Activity 3
ESS 774 Clinical Practicum in Cardio Pulmonary Rehabilitation 2
ESS 775 Practicum in Adult Fitness 2
ESS 776 Practicum in Phase III/IV Cardiac Rehabilitation 3
ESS 780 Philosophy and Organization of Preventive and Rehabilitative Programs 2
ESS 781 Program Leadership in Adult Fitness/Cardiac Rehabilitation 1
ESS 782 Electrocardiography 3
ESS 783 Graded Exercise Testing/Exercise Prescription 3
ESS 784 Advanced Cardiovascular Physiology 3
ESS 785 Internship: Clinical Exercise Physiology 5
ESS 786 Advanced Cardiac Life Support 1
  Total Credits 43