Program Requirements

The physical education teaching program is designed as a practitioner-oriented program for physical education teaching professionals seeking additional qualifications and expertise in areas such as teaching methods and styles, new and innovative curricular design, analysis of effective teaching, and supervision. Students may also choose to complete one of the following emphases as part of their program electives: 1) adventure/outdoor pursuits; 2) adapted physical education; or 3) health as a lifestyle. Students must select either the thesis option (32 credits) or non-thesis option (32 credits). Students choosing the non-thesis option must successfully apply for and complete comprehensive written exams in the department of exercise and sport science. The physical education teaching program does not result in a K-12 teaching certificate. Additional course work may be required based on previously completed undergraduate course work.

Prerequisites or equivalents are:
1. Undergraduate major/minor in physical education and/or sport science/management from an accredited four-year institution.
2. Documented course work in the following areas:
    - anatomy/physiology
    - measurement and evaluation in physical education
    - adapted physical education
    - motor development/behavior/child development

Category A - Research (6-12 credits)
Thesis Option (12 credits)
EFN 730 Introduction to Research 3
EFN 735 Interpretation of Statistical Data 3
ESS 799 Research: Master’s Thesis 6
Non-thesis Option (6-9 credits)  Credits
EFN 730  Introduction to Research 3
ESS 736 Critical Analysis Project: Special Physical Education (special populations only) 3
ESS 752 Assessment in Physical Education and Athletics 3
Written comprehensive exam  
Category B - Core Requirements  (10 credits)
ESS 737 Curriculum Design in Physical Education 3
ESS 759 Analysis and Supervision of Physical Education 3
ESS 771 Current Issues in Physical Education 2
ESS 725 Diversity in the Physical Activity Setting 2
Category C - Electives
(Thesis option - 10 credits)
(Non-thesis option - 16 elective credits)

Elective courses must be related to the field of teaching. A student may select one of the emphases or a variety of courses offered in exercise and sport science, health education, and educational studies departments. All electives must be pre-approved by the program director. Up to six (6) credits of ESS 560 will count toward this category.
Adventure/Outdoor Pursuits:  (16 credits)
ESS 745 Pedagogy of Outdoor Physical Education 3
ESS 765 Adventure Education for Physical Educators 3
ESS 777 Seminar in Adventure/Outdoor Physical Education 2
ESS 778 Practicum in Adventure Education 2
Electives               Non-thesis Option 6
Adapted Physical Education: (16 credits) Credits
ESS 530 Causes and Effects of Developmental, Physical and Sensory Disorders   4
ESS 765 Adventure Education for Physical Educators 3
ESS 787 Clinical Internship in Adapted Physical Education 3
ESS 792 Seminar in Adapted Physical Education 3
Electives               Non-thesis Option 3
Health as a Lifestyle: (16 credits) Credits
SHE 705 Essentials of Health and Wellness  4
SHE 715 Health Education Curriculum and Pedagogy 3
SHE 720 Adolescent and Youth Health Issues 3
Electives                Non-thesis Option 6

The concentration in athletic training education is designed to provide advanced study for individuals who are National Athletic Trainers’ Association Board of Certification (NATABOC) certified, or eligible to take the examination. This concentration is designed to prepare individuals who are highly qualified and motivated athletic training educators. Selected courses and clinical experiences will have an educational emphasis. Additionally, the concentration will offer students the ability to expand their athletic training related skills and skills relevant to the research process by participating in a variety of scholarly activities that may be incorporated into one’s professional practice. It can be coupled with any graduate degree program as long as the prerequisites are met and the program allows it.

Concentration Prerequisites
1. Successfully passed or be eligible to take the NATABOC examination or
2. Possess a NATABOC equivalent athletic training credential.

Concentration Requirements    Credits
ESS 732 Advanced Athletic Activity Injury Management                   3
ESS 733 Advanced Athletic Training Teaching 3
ESS 734 Effective Instruction in Athletic Training 3
ESS 740 Reading/Writing in Athletic Training  3
  Total Credits 12

In order to have this concentration listed on a student’s transcript, the student must be certified through the NATABOC, or possess a NATABOC equivalent athletic training credential.